Weight Loss Mindset Key To A Lean Body, Say “Excited” Scientists

weight loss mindset

When it comes to weight loss, mindset is paramount, says research. Scientists are excited by the news.

Did you know that weight loss isnt just about food and exercise? Actually, its about the weight loss mindset. That’s what one researcher team is telling THE DAILY MEDITATION.

For years, society has dictated that if we want to lose weight we need to change your nutrition. We need to get exercise. And we might need to take those weight loss pill.

Society be damned.

New research out of the University of Bristol is changing the world’s perspective on weight loss. It is showing that the key to getting that lean, healthy, sexy body is your weight loss mindset.

Researchers have found that when it comes to succeeding in weight loss, mindset makes all the difference.

Specifically, people who successfully lose weight (and people who are already a healthy weight) tend to think about the next meal whenever they’re preparing food.

Obese people, the researchers tell us, ignore the next meal and focus solely on what they are eating at the time.

This defies common held beliefs.

For years, society and government-funded research has rammed it down our throats that weight loss is solely about the physical, material matters, about food, about exercise. In truth, the mind is the ultimate tool when it comes to losing weight, as it is the ultimate tool in life.

Already over the past few years we’ve seen how mindful eating is beneficial for weight loss. And now we’re seeing how the tiniest change of perspective can make all the difference.

What’s most shocking about this news is how… wellobvious it is.

If we only think about this meal when we make it, we are far more likely to go big on the portions simply because we are not considering that we will eat more later.

It’s so simple. It’s just a change in your weight loss mindset. Yet millions of people have been blind to this oh so easy weight loss tip.

The researchers at the University of Bristol state that overweight people simply ignore, or forget, the fact that it might not be very long until the next meal. Lean people, on the other hand, are usually almost aware of the time between meals, and they use this when doing portion control.

It’s funny to think that in a world full of weight loss apps, books on dieting, and advanced diet plans, something as seemingly tiny as a change of thought can make such a huge difference. Then again, we are what we think (not what we eat).

The researchers consider this finding so important that they will be giving a special presentation of their research at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB). At the meeting they will speak about the weight loss mindset in detail.

A similar study was conducted previously. It found a link between obesity and “delay discounting”, which is the idea that the farther away something seems, the less important we consider it to be.  Delay discounting can lead people to make decisions in the moment without thinking of the future consequences of those actions.

The researchers tell us, “. These findings are exciting because they are the first to demonstrate that discounting operates in planning from one meal to the next and that people with obesity might not be factoring that in to their choices.”

When we want to lose weight, we need to start with the right weight loss mindset.

Here are 3 tips for developing the right mindset for weight loss.

How To Have The Right Weight Loss Mindset

Ayurveda teaches that for a healthy body we need a healthy mind.

Here are 3 ways to get the perfect mindset for weight loss.

  1. Recognise the power of your own mind

Eliza Kingsford, author of Brain Powered Weight Loss, says, “”.Losing weight and successfully maintaining it over the long term is not as much about what you put in your stomach; it’s more about what’s happening in the brain.”

The key to developing the right weight loss mindset is awakening to the power of your own mind. In my book, Journey To The Buddha Within You, I reveal how meditation can awaken us to the dormant power of our own minds. Take a look at that link. And recognise your true inner power.

  1. Eat mindfully, being grateful for every bite

When we are grateful for the food we eat, we are more likely to savor it. We are more likely to eat slowly. And we all know how important eating slowly is to weight loss.

When eating, we should be mindful of the connection between nature, food, and our own bodies. The more we are aware and grateful for the inner connectedness of all things, and how food represents both the natural world and our own spiritual and physical being, the more mindfully we will eat.

Stop before biting. Be mindful of where food comes from, what it represents (mother nature), how it becomes a living part of us, and how sacred food is. This will naturally produce a healthy relationship with food.

  1. Live in the present, but be mindful of the future

Life is for living. We should never be stuck in the past of in the future. We should live in the present moment.

While living in the present moment, we should also be aware of how the present moment is like a point in a river; it flows towards the future. What we do now will change our future.

We must be aware and compassionate to our future self. We must consider how this action, this thought, and this meal affects our future self.

This means being aware of the next meal. And it also means being aware of how our present nourishment affects our future self.

It’s been proven that self love is vital for weight loss. When we are compassionate to ourselves both in the here and now, and to our future self, we naturally learn to eat in way that is pleasurable for us now and which is also beneficial for our future self.


The inner mind is the true seat of power. With the right mindset, weight loss becomes easy.

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