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When you see the benefits of stationary bike exercise you will understand why it’s the perfect compliment for your yoga workouts. 

People who enjoy biking may find that they also enjoy using the stationary bike at the gym. It can be good for a cardio workout if you’re willing to challenge yourself on the bike. If you take it at a snail’s pace, you won’t reap all the benefits that working out on the stationary bike has to offer. That’s why I recommend either doing a good cardio workout to compliment yoga practices, or cycling mindfully as a form of mindfulness exercise.

The types of exercise bikes

There are two primary types of exercise bikes: upright and recumbent. An upright exercise bike has the appearance of a regular road bike with a vertical orientation in addition to handlebars towards the front.

On a recumbent bike, the rider sits touching a backrest with their legs out in front of them. For individuals who are suffering from lower back pain their choice of bikes may come down to comfort , in other words whether they prefer a leaning forward position sitting on an upright stationary bike or if their preference is to be in a reclining position on a recumbent bike.

Upright exercise bikes permit a wider variety of movement such as riding while standing or in a racing position. This means that more muscle groups can be exercised as a biker changes position. Also, users with conditions such as spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis may find the forward-leaning position of the upright bike to be most comfortable [here’s how to avoid back problems while cycliing].You might also benefit by doing some yoga stretches, such as in Yin yoga, before using the bike.

Recumbent bikes may be somewhat easier to use for some people because the backrest provides additional balance. Users with mechanical lower back pain, such as degenerative disc diseases, sometimes find the back support and reclining position of the recumbent bike more comfortable. However, some fitness experts also warn that recumbent bikes encourage a slower, less-intense workout. The result of this is possibly less of a cardiovascular workout. 

The benefits of stationary bike exercise

There are loads of benefits of stationary bike exercise. And it can make a perfect compliment to yoga practice. Let’s take a look at why. 

Boosts cardiovascular fitness

Cycling is a phenomenal way of getting your heart pumping. Cardiovascular – or aerobic workouts such as Vinyassa yoga and, yes, cycling, improve the functioning of your heart, lungs and muscles. This in turn increases your fitness levels.  When these muscles are stronger, they also improve the flow of blood in addition to oxygen through your body. This, in turn, can help your health in several ways, including:

Can assist with weight loss

Depending on your intensity in your workout, as well as your body weight, it is possible for you to burn more than 600 calories per hour with a workout on a stationary bike. This fabulous benefit makes indoor cycling an excellent workout option for burning calories.

Burning body fat

Exercising at a high intensity assists with burning calories as well as building strength, which, in turn, can lead to fat loss.

A 2010 study made the finding that indoor cycling, in addition to a low-calorie diet, was effective in dropping bodyweight as well as body fat. Using the stationary bike proved to be effective in lowering cholesterol in addition to triglyceride levels.

Offers a low-impact workout

A workout on a stationary bike is low impact which uses smooth movements in order to strengthen bones as well as joints without placing much pressure on these. This makes the stationary bike a good workout option for people who are suffering from joint issues or injuries.

Strengthens legs as well as lower body muscles

Using a stationary bike can assist with building strength in your legs as well as lower body. This is  especially if you use a higher resistance. The pedalling action can assist with strengthening your calves, hamstrings as well as quadriceps. In addition, it can work the muscles in your core, back as well as glutes.

Using an indoor bike can assist you with meeting your fitness goals whatever the weather throws at you. As well as its many cardiovascular benefits, the stationary bike can assist you with boosting your muscle strength, losing weight as well as burning body fat all while being kind to your joints.

If you need any help with choosing the correct cardio exercise for you it is a good idea to consult with a trained personal trainer to assist you with your routine.

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