What Actually Motivates Everybody In The World To Work

How do you find the motivation to climb the mountain? It’s all about passion, love, and gratitude. 

Once you truly understand what motivates you at work, you’ll be unstoppable. By finding your true motivation for work you’ll tap into a channel of energy, passion and determination that will fuel you to the top. But where does the motivation come from?


What Motivates You At Work? — The Things you love and are passionate about

In order to truly answer the question of what motivates you at work and how we can all find motivation for work, I first need to take a detour. Sorry, but I’m going have to talk about myself for a bit in order to clarify where motivation comes from.


How I learned that the best motivation for work comes from what you know and love

Of late, I’ve had something of a division in my mind.

As a self employed writer and actor, I always find myself trying to create work that is simultaneously for a large audience and a small audience.

I want to create work which can be read by whoever should pop up on this website from the search engine or from anywhere else—which quite likely includes yourself—but I also want to create work which is personal and special to those near and dear to me.

These past couple of days, however, I’ve been feeling more and more inclined to create work solely with those near and dear to me in mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I want plenty of people to enjoy my work and find it helpful. Quite frankly I’d love it if I suddenly woke up and had a million readers (feel free to make that happen, if you have the power, kind reader, and you’ll have a friend for life).

Nevertheless, it dawns on me that writing for those I know very well is the only real option I have. Here’s why:

Bad Business: Because I don’t actually know the general public very well. By trying to write for the masses I’ll be basing all my work on my own erroneous view of my market, rather than focussing on the few people I know very well who accurately do truly represent that market.

Because Mindfulness Demands it: The simple fact of the matter is that I don’t actually know the masses that well, I only know a select few people. If I even attempt to write for the masses I’ll actually only be writing for my biased and inaccurate view of the public. From a spiritual viewpoint, it’s terribly unenlightened to work for something that exists only in my mind (the idea of public).

Because it’s Motivating: There’s nothing much more motivating than working for people who truly matter to you. If you write (or do whatever your business does) with those you care about in mind, you’ll be far more likely to be passionate about your work and do a good job.

Feedback: It can be easy, especially online, to write in the hope of getting a response from out the blue as though by magic. But in all likelihood you’ll probably only get one or two quick responses to the average article and those responses could take months to get. It’s a lot better to write for people you know will read it, even if it’s just one or two people, and get solid feedback than to get a couple quick remarks from people you don’t even know.

Making a Difference: Probably the biggest point and most important motivator. You’re far more likely to make a genuine change for good in someone’s life (which is ultimately what all creative types should be aiming for) if they’re people close to you.

The Few are the Many: The point I started this entry with .The needs of the few are the needs of the many. Millions of people find themselves in the same position as one another. What’s right for one will be right for another. In writing or working for those one or two people you know really well and by doing a good job for them, you can rest assured that your work will speak for millions.

This very article is actually a really good example of that last point. Because, as I said, this time around I was being completely self indulgent in writing this and thinking of myself and what’s best for me. Yet I don’t doubt that there’s millions of people who are in a similar situation to me for whom this article is applicable.


So, that’s my story and my own answer to “what motivates you at work” and though I’ve used  personal account, the truth is essentially the same for everyone.

What motivates you at work are the things you feel most emotional about, the things you know and love.

To find truly powerful motivation for work, you need to create the sense that you are working for thats which matters to you most.

It could be your family, your morals, your beliefs (religious, spiritual or otherwise). What matters when finding what motivates you at work is that you tap into your emotions. We humans are fundamentally emotional beings.

We have emotions for a reason–they create energy, they give us strength and, yes, they motivate us. As a human being, you need to tap into your human emotions in order to find the truest, most powerful motivation for work.

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