Here Is Why I Was So Unlucky For Years Of My Life

Here Is Why I Was So Unlucky For Years Of My Life

Do you keep asking yourself “Why am I so unlucky”?

  • Are you unlucky with money? If so, it’s time for you to change your thoughts about money.
  • Betting on sports teams and losing?
  • Unlucky in love? No worries, just manifest love.


Forget what you’ve been told about luck.

Luck is not something that only happens for certain people. You can create your own luck using the power of your mind. And I am about to show you how.

Why am I So Unlucky, you asked. Probably because you dont understand what luck is

If you think that some people are born with luck (and more importantly, that you are not) I dare you to try this manifestation for wealth.

That meditation is custom-designed to improve your luck by training your brain to think in a way that will bring good fortune.

Let me repeat that: It trains your mind to bring your own good fortune.

And here’s the crux: Luck is a state of mind.

We are made to believe that some people have luck and others don’t. But the reality of the situation is that luck is actually a way of thinking, a state of mind, an attitude. And you can train your mind to increase your luck.

Let me show you what I mean

Here are some examples of what most people consider “luck”

  • If someone happens to be out for a walk when at their feet they feel a scratch, whereupon they bend over and inspect the grass to find a ten pound note; they’re lucky.  
  • If someone goes for a coffee alone one day and happens to see an attractive member of the opposite sex sitting by themselves too, whereupon the two hit it off; they’re lucky.
  • If someone happens to overhear that there’s a new job opportunity that needs filling immediately and they end up getting it just because they were there; they’re lucky.
  • If someone happens to have left the stove on and they smell gas just before lighting a cigarette and killing themselves; they’re lucky.

These are just a few typical examples of ways in which people might be lucky.

Take a look at them again.

Do you notice anything about those incidents?

One thing that seems to be going on time and time again? There is a similarity. It’s that in all of these “lucky incidents” someone found something. And how do you find something? You’ve got to have your eyes open. You’ve got to be mindful of what’s going on (and you can start to do that with these 25 mindful habits).

Luck is the ability to perceive positive opportunities in your life, which just so happens to be about the same definition as hope.

Here’s the deal: If you want to change your luck, learn to be a more hopeful person.

Here’s the truth about you and your idea of being unlucky 

I’m about to give you some objective criticism that you probably need to hear. The only reason you think you’re unlucky is because you have a negative attitude.

Yes, I know, you think that’s bullshit. But think about it. If you were a more grateful person you would focus on the good things that have happened to  you in your life and you would feel luckier

When you are grateful you are more aware of your blessings, and when you are more aware of your blessings you feel more fortunate. Feeling more fortunate will then attract more fortune. That’s why you should seriously consider taking steps to become more grateful (read the link above).

The other reason is because you’re jealous.

Sorry. I totally understand if you hate me for saying this. But you’re jealous.

You’re salty about other people’s luck. Just plain salty. And by salty I mean jealous. Yep. Total green-eyed monster going on inside of you.

When you say, “They’re lucky” you really mean, “I wish that had happened to me”. Right?

You know what happens every time you think like that? You actually stop yourself from developing.

Think about it. You see someone else’s success. You downplay it. You think, “They’re just lucky”. Never mind if they actually deserved to get what they get. You’re salty. And you demand that it was just luck.

Because you demand it was just luck, you say to yourself, “I could have that if I were lucky”. And then you stop yourself from doing the thing that would bring you could fortune. Because, hell, why would you work your butt off for something if you could get the same thing through pure luck, which this other person did (even though they didn’t, you just acted like they did).

That kinda jealous is going to mess you up.

So let’s get this straight.

There is no such thing as luck

With the exception of lottery tickets and certain gambles that are deliberately set-up to be pure luck, luck in life comes down to becoming aware of something.

We feel the ten pound note, see the attractive person, hear the job opportunity, and smell the gas.  If we are lucky, we keep becoming aware of good things. But if we’re one of the people who keep asking “why am I so unlucky?”  then we keep coming across the bad things instead. Why? Because just by believing that you are unlucky you will look for things that confirm that belief.

People act in ways that confirm their beliefs even when those beliefs are negative (this is why some people continually enter bad relationships because they believe they will). You can read more about this on Wikipedia.

If you believe you are unlucky you will act in ways that support that belief. Believe you’re unlucky and you will do things that make you feel unlucky.

So how do you change that?

  1. Start by changing your beliefs.
  2. Stop doing things that confirm your negative belief.

That second point was a little confusing. I should write that better. So here goes.

How to stop being unlucky

If you feel unlucky you will attract bad luck. And you may well feel negative about your future because you think you will always be unlucky (if this sounds like you, read my guide to being hopeful)

Here is how to change your luck:

  1. When you are doing something negative, stop.
  2. Ask yourself, “Does this make me feel like I am unlucky?
  3.  If yes, tell yourself “I am doing this because I think I am unlucky”
  4. Stop the action. Ask yourself, “If I believed I were lucky, what would I do then?”
  5. Do that thing.
  6. Do this routinely and you will start to train your mind that you are lucky, and then you will act in positive ways that bring positive results.
  7. If you think this will be challenging for you, try practicing mindfulness meditation. It will slow you down and help you to achieve the above points.
  8. If you still think “This is dumb. I will always be unlucky” do yourself a favor. Realise that you could use a little more optimism and hope.
  9. You can also recite good-luck mantras.

To start to see your good fortune, practice being observant

The central ingredient in every lucky incident is this: a person become aware of something good. We find the ten pound note. We see the hot girl. We overhear the opportunity. We smell the gas.  Yet rather than saying that the people in these examples have good observational skills, most people would say they were lucky. Why?

The answer is that most people believe that these lucky incidents don’t exist for them.  “Oh I wish I could have felt money at my foot,”—the average person says—“you must be lucky.” But the odds are that we have all most likely walked right past money—whether it be real physical money or the opportunity to make money—we simply didn’t see it. We’re so preoccupied with our thoughts, so busy asking, “Why am I so unlucky”  that we spend our every day walking past our luck while pretending it doesn’t exist.

“Why am I so unlucky?” is a thought a great many of us frequently have, and it’s not far wrong, it just needs a little tweaking. Let’s change it to “Why dont I ever find luck” and recognise that it’s the finding part that matters.

If we are to be lucky, we must be good at finding, discovering and spotting. To experience “lucky” incidents, we have to be aware of them, and to be aware of them, we need to spend less time obsessing over our thoughts and a lot more time focusing on the world outside ourselves. We need to be aware of the feeling of that itch at our foot, aware of the sight of an attractive person, aware of the voices of the people speaking about the job, and aware of the smell of gas. We need to take our focus away from thoughts like “they’re lucky and I’m not” and we need to put that focus where it belongs, on our senses and on the world outside ourselves, a world where opportunity and luck sit right now, waiting for our open eyes.

Here’s a very interesting video about mindfulness and luck

Ellen Langer: The Psychology of Luck

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