This Is Why You Cant Lose Weight Anymore

why cant i lose weight anymore

Lots of people ask “Why can’t I lose weight anymore,” and most of those people try to solve the problem by looking for a new diet, a new form of exercise, some fad. .  . they try all sorts of things and never find the right solution.

If you’re one of these people, and you’re still asking “Why can’t I lose weight anymore,” then here’s what you need to know: it’s most likely a psychological problem.



“Why Can’t I lose Weight Anymore?” Because you stop yourself. .  .

In her video on How to be Thin, Elegant Femme explains why your own mind often works against you when you’re losing weight. you can read the transcription below, or watch the video , whichever you prefer.

“Why will the majority of women not allow themselves to be skinny? I started to think about my body saying, “I want to be thinner. . . I want to look a certain way. . . ” I remember one time in the bathroom I remember I looked down at my legs. They were starting to look how i wanted. And then I said to myself “Oh, I guess that’s good enough” and I started to eat crap again. And then I thought: why did I almost let myself get to where I want and then start self sabotaging? Why is that?”


This is the real important bit and the answer to “Why cant I lose weight anymore?”

The reason is: “We are afraid that if we let oureselves have the body we want, someone else will be offended by it. We’re worried about how others will feel about it.”

Another reason: “We’re worried about what might happen when we get there.”


“If we get there and we allow ourselves to be skinny What will we do when we get there?”


So the answer to “why cant I lose weight anymore” is that we are a) afraid of upsetting someone else, b) worried about what will happen when we succeed, c) now knowing what you’ll do when you’ve succeeded.


That was Ellegant Femme’s advice, and I agree 100%  Success–any kind of success–changes who we are. We know that if we were exactly as we wanted to be, we would be different, and a part of us is worried about that.

Psychological issues like these can seriously disrupt your weight loss program. These are the answers to “why cant I lose weight anymore.”

The best thing to do is to be very honest with yourself. Take your time to imagine what life would be like once you are thin. Really imagine what it would be like. Consider how things would be different. You will find you have some reservations about genuinely becoming as you want to be: maybe youre worried your family will see you differently, or you’ll be treated different at work. etc. These concerns will actively prevent you from becoming as you want to be. you must address these issues so you can be 100% comfortable with the idea of really being thin. once you’re 100% happy, you’ll find you’re no long self-sabotaging and you will be successful in tour weight loss.

Let Yourself be Skinny

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