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We’re all aware that yoga and meditation [1] are both excellent ways to keep us healthy. But most of us lack the discipline and motivation it takes to engage in those activities. Life gets in the way, and we tend to prioritize other important things over the things that should get done.

There are so many factors contributing to this lack of motivation; our schedules are overloaded, we’re chasing career goals, juggling responsibilities, and squeezing in a little extra time to pursue our hustles and hobbies. Adding any additional activity to your lifestyle can be arduous and overwhelming, but if its yoga, you should consider it.

Yoga practices are more popular than ever. Many people have been turning to them as a way to calm down and let go of the day’s hardships. But did you know that yoga isn’t the only wellness tool?

With the legalization of hemp-derived products across the country, there are now new ways to cope with the stresses associated with daily life. CBD is a cannabinoid compound found in the hemp plant. Although CBD shares some similarities with THC, there is one notable difference: CBD is non-intoxicating. CBD however, may help promote a sense of relaxation. Combining CBD with yoga may further support your physical and mental well-being.

How Are Yoga and CBD Similar?


“Calming or relaxing” are words usually associated with yoga practices; it’s no different with CBD. Many yogis are discovering that CBD products promote much of the same senses. Two great concepts that are wonderful alone, but totally synergic together.

How Is CBD Used by “Yogis”?


CBD oils are ideal for yoga classes; before or after. They can enhance your experience, whether the lessons are gentle or a quicker-paced flow-style. If you’re easily distracted, then CBD might be for you. How often have you been in a yoga class and thought, “Why am I not relaxed?” “Why is the voice in my head so loud?” We get it; it’s hard to voluntarily turn off your brain simply because you’ve made it to the class. Try taking CBD gummies before hitting the mat and notice the difference.

The Benefits of Yoga and CBD Together


So, what happens when you combine the two? Before we answer this, let’s go over how CBD interacts with the body.  The different cannabinoids in the hemp plant, such as CBD, work in different ways with the cannabinoid receptors in the body, located throughout the endocannabinoid system. This complex system triggers your brain when you’re experiencing pain, hungry, or sleepy. Taking CBD interacts with the ECS and encourages it to increase the number of natural cannabinoids, which help to balance the system while delivering a soothing effect.

This soothing effect is the perfect gateway to getting into that yoga-spirit. To put it simply, it helps to quiet that ‘non-stop thinking mind’ enough to focus on the lesson.

Three Ways to Take CBD Before/After a Yoga Session?


CBD comes in many forms. You have your oils, gummies, topicals, capsules, CBD-infused water; you name it. But when it comes to yoga, it’s important to know which one to use. Taking a capsule right before a lesson might not cut it because, by the time the compound unleashes its effect, you might be on your way out of the class.


1.   CBD Oil

In oil form, the CBD is absorbed under the tongue and take effect relatively quickly, so by the time you settle down on the mat, your body and mind will be relaxed enough for that asana.


2. CBD Gummies

In an edible form, it might take a bit longer to feel the effect of the compound. If you plan on taking CBD gummies before a lesson, experiment a few times to find out how long it takes for the effects to arise.

3. CBD Terpenes

CBD Terpenes combine CBD oil with natural terpenes to create flavors such as strawberry, pineapple, and more. If you’re looking for a tastier option to incorporate CBD into your yoga routine, CBD terps are your best bet.

Who Shouldn’t Use CBD During Yoga?

The answer to this question is somewhat inconclusive. There isn’t enough research to show that CBD is 100% safe for pregnant women or people that rely on daily, strong medications. If you are looking to add the compound into your regimen, but are unsure of the consequences, don’t make a decision until you talk to your health provider.

Yoga: The Ultimate Defense Against Stress

Yoga is more than a mind-body practice solely performed when stressed.  In addition to being a great way to stay in shape mentally and physically, yoga may help reduce stress and even lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

Today, yoga has been adopted by many cultures around the world. Experts and individuals of all ages are praising it for its therapeutic benefits, including enhanced awareness and concentration, improved balance and posture, and improved sleep. By promoting various physical and emotional functions, yoga can indeed effectively ease stress. Combined with CBD, the daily burdens of your life won’t stand a chance.

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