Why Private Meditation Lessons Are In Vogue Now

The latest trend in health is the rise of private online meditation lessons.

The last few years have been a truly fascinating time for meditators. If you look back just ten years you’ll find that meditation used to be an alternative practice. Not many people in the west practiced meditation. And meditation was mostly regarded as a Buddhist and yogic practice. 

Then, in 2019, the meditation market exploded and we saw the rise of mindfulness apps. Meditation became a multi billion dollar industry. And as capitalism collided with meditation, things changed.

In the book Mindfulness and Its Discontents, David Forbes, a professor of contemplative education at Brooklyn College, says that the mindfulness taught via apps is not actual mindfulness, but a consumerist alternative. 

Thankfully, many people are starting to learn that mindfulness apps don’t work. 

Smart meditators are starting to take private meditation lessons instead. 

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Why Private Meditation Lessons are a Better Option 

Until now, meditation apps have thrived primarily because most people have been uneducated about mediation.

The average person simply does not know much about mindfulness, and so they have been easy for app manufacturers to dupe, so much so that leading app Headspace is now worth an estimated $100 to $150 million.

Apps Pay for Research to Dupe You 

Meditation apps have primarily promoted themselves on the same pseudo-science used by food and drink manufacturers like Coca Cola. 

Essentially, they have paid for “research” designed to prove their efficacy. And up to now it has worked. 

However, the public is now becoming more educated about meditation. And most meditators now understand that there is a big difference between actual meditation and apps, as Forbes says.

As reported on Mindful, most apps use research conducted on actual mindfulness not apps. In other words, the research they cite was not done using a mindfulness app. This is just another trick companies use to dupe us.

Independent research shows meditation apps don’t work 

Because meditation is now a bug business, we are finally seeing a rise in independent research. And the research shows that meditation apps do not work nearly as well as proper meditation. 

I have personally spoken out about the dishonesty of apps many times. But, of course, I lack the multi million dollars that Silicone Valley companies have.

Simply put, meditation apps are not legitimate meditation. And if you truly want to learn to meditate, you need to go to a better source. Namely, proper meditation teachers. 

Why You Need A Private Meditation Teacher 

Would you agree with me that your mind is the most complex part of you? Do you think your mind is unique, different to others? I do. 

Do you think a simple app on your cellphone could give you the best solutions to any challenge you experience with your mind? No way, right? 

That’s why meditation apps don’t work where private meditation lessons do.

You need a human 

If you want help with your mind, you need to speak to another human, not to an app. You need someone you can actually have a conversation with.

Only another human can help you with the most complex aspect of being human. Only a human can truly help you with your mind. And that is why a private meditation teacher is so much better than using an app.

Someone to be responsible for you 

One of the problems with apps is that their number one priority is not to help you. Apps only care that you use the app and pay for a subscription. 

A private meditation teacher, on the other hand, is someone who cares about you. Someone who is responsible for your meditation practice. 

Now I know you might think, “apps use actual meditation teachers” and that’s true. Some apps have great meditation teachers like Pema Chodron and Jon Kabat Zinn. But you don’t actually get to speak to them. 

All you get with a meditation app is a recording from a teacher. No chat, no responsibility for you, no relationship. 

When you have your own private meditation teacher, on the other hand, you form a relationship with an expert, someone who cares about you, knows you, and wants you to succeed.

That’s the kind of relationship you can never get with an app. And it is yet another reason why private meditation lessons are the way to go. 

Someone to be accountable to 

Lots of my meditation students tell me that they prefer private online meditation lessons because they make them feel more accountable. 

Having an actual teacher will help you to stay motivated to meditate and it will help you grow. 

You won’t care if you don’t do what your app tells you to do. You will care if you don’t do what your meditation teachers tells you to do. 

You can’t ask an app a question 

You probably have lots of questions about meditation. But sadly you can’t ask a mediation app a question. 

Learning means being able to ask questions and get expert advice. When you have the dedicated time of a professional mediation teacher, you get direct and insightful answers to any question you might have. 

And that is why smart meditators are turning to private meditation lessons. 

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By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a passionate meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in beautiful Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. "My goal is to provide the most authentic meditation sessions so you can harness the power of your own mind for personal transformation" - Paul Harrison

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