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In recent years, many attempts have been made to turn the gym, fitness clubs, and yoga centers into a commonplace. There is no denying the fact that each one of these has changed the lives for the good and well-being of the people. Where some people prefer to hit the gym by lifting heavy weight dumbbells, others like to do cardio, and some prefer to start doing yoga. 

Those who work out, be it in the form of weight lifting, cardio, or yoga, things have changed hugely. With everything advancing at a high pace, workouts have significantly improved. Gone are the days when people used to perform only yoga practice or hit the gym. Now it’s the time when different exercises are in mixed demand. People love to mix yoga and cardio, strength training and cardio, and yoga and strength training. 

Well, if you have a yoga studio at home or a professional space, then this article will serve you well. 

Here, I will tell you why your yoga studio needs a treadmill and the benefits of having one. They are one of the most important items yoga studios need.

So, let’s roll. 

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Why Your Yoga Studio Needs A Treadmill

#1. Maintains Fitness Level

Running is one of the most preferred exercises, and the report suggests that there are at least 36 million runners in the United States, and the numbers are growing. Those who tend to lose or maintain weight, tend to perform running along with yoga or strength training. 

Having a treadmill at your yoga studio will help you improve your muscle strength and lose or maintain weight. Also, one of the best parts of having a treadmill at your yoga studio is that it saves you a lot of time which is otherwise wasted in reaching the outdoor park or any other place for running. 

For those running a yoga studio with professional motive, such as yoga teachers, having a treadmill may help them in attracting a lot of fitness freaks. 


#2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Running helps in making the heart stronger. It may help you lower the blood pressure while supporting the arteries to maintain their elasticity. For those who do not know, a healthy cardiovascular system may reduce the risk of a heart attack. 

So, while yoga helps you in improving your overall posture and health, running also helps you in improving overall health by enhancing your cardiovascular health. 


#3. Bone Health 

With all the benefits that yoga has to offer, having a treadmill at your yoga studio might provide many other benefits. With running, retaining muscle mass is easy, and further, bones become stronger than ever [source]. Well, this may also help in reducing major medical bone-related problems, including osteoporosis and many more. 

So, having a treadmill at your yoga studio may help you stay away from medical concerns which may otherwise create a lot of problems by hindering your routine.


#4. Manages Stress

None of us can deny the fact that stress has surrounded our lives from all sides. Well, not only has it surrounded our lives but it’s affecting it as well. With so many ways to manage stress, yoga is one that is considered the best. Anyways, aside from yoga, the next best thing is running. 


It serves both ways; from providing to think about the problem, to finding the feasible solution, and giving time to escape the same. So, having a treadmill at your yoga studio may help you get rid of stress or finding a solution related to it. 


#5. Improves Psychological Health 

Running helps the body in releasing endorphins [source] which may further help in altering the mood for the well being. These hormones create a sense of euphoria and result in the improved mood of the runner. 


Thus, running is one of the best ways to treat depression and other psychological disorders, In fact, some doctors have claimed that running helps patients to reduce stress, lower down depression levels, have less confusion, and fight fatigue. 


So, incorporating a treadmill at your yoga studio will not only help you to increase the physical health but mental health too. 


#6. Simple to Incorporate and Use

Another best thing that comes along with having a treadmill at your yoga studio is that it is easy to incorporate and use. Yes!! The installation process is easy, and you also get an easy to read manual along with a treadmill, which helps you in understanding how to use it properly. 


Are you wondering about the huge investment to be made in the same? Well, do not fret!! I have a perfect solution for that too. With the rising trend of rental startups, owning the best of things at pocket-friendly prices is possible. So, you may easily get a treadmill on rent and can perform your running as well as walking workouts without putting a considerable amount of investment in the same. 


Final Consideration

With a lot of benefits that yoga brings along, having a treadmill at yoga studio will work wonders. Besides putting your mind and body in a relaxed state, it works wonders at improving your muscle, bone, and heart health. 

Also, with the incredibly fantastic service of the rental-startups, having a treadmill has become easy and comfortable with your pockets. 

So, what are you waiting for now? 


Get yourself a treadmill now, and get your body in the best shape possible. 


We wish you a healthy life!!


Also, if you know about any other benefits of having a treadmill at your yoga studio, then feel free to share the same in the comments section below. 

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Written by Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.