You Won’t Believe The Effect Meditation Has On Racists

So apparently we need to make Donald Trump start meditating.

Here’s a scientific breakthrough that could change the world (if people act on it). A popular meditation technique, which is traditionally used to create feelings of love and kindness, can very quickly end a person’s prejudice. This is according to new research conducted by the University of Sussex.

The University Of Sussex published their findings in the online journal Motivation and Emotion.

The study concluded that practicing Loving Kindness Meditation (a Buddhist meditation that is used to promote feelings of kindness and compassion) is effective at reducing racism.


Alexander Stell, a doctoral student on the Universit Of Sussex’ psychology degree program, says, “This indicates that some meditation techniques are about much more than feeling good, and might be an important tool for enhancing inter-group harmony.”

Loving Kindness Meditation is a practice in which the individual imagines sending out feelings of compassion towards others.

Further studies have shown that racism can be countered by listening to meditation music.

“We wanted to see whether doing Loving Kindness Meditation towards a member of another ethnic group would reduce the automatic preference people tend to show for their own ethnic group.”

In his study, Stell took 71 Caucasian, non-meditating adults and showed them a photo of a black person. Half the group were asked to just look at the photo. The other half were asked to practicing loving kindness meditation and imagine sending out positive feelings to the black person in their photo.

The researchers studies the participants’ prejudices using the Implicit Association Test, which asks test subjects to describe the people in the photo.

The research shows that after loving kindness meditation people are more likely to describe the black person in the photo in a positive way. The researchers concluded that Loving Kindness Meditation is a powerful way to quickly end personal prejudices.

Conclusion: If every racist on the planet practiced loving kindness meditation, you’d see a lot less prejudice within a very short time.


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