We Are Absolutely Loving These Tai Chi Blogs In 2017


A lot of readers have been asking me about Tai Chi recently. Not being a tai chi specialist, I’ve scoured the internet looking for the world’s finest tai chi blogs. Our readers who are interested in tai chi will love them. So, without further ado, here are the world’s best tai chi blogs (in no particular order).


Flowing Zen : Flowing Zen isn’t a specialist tai chi blog. They do, however, write frequent articles on all different aspects of tai chi.

Their latest article is Real Experiences of Internal Strength.

Here’s an excerpt:


“I’ve been cultivating internal strength for nearly 2 decades. My own experiences give us plenty to talk about without needing to delve into the realm of hearsay.

As we move into the 21st century, I think it would be wise for us to stick to things that we have seen or experience personally. This doesn’t mean that you should only believe in things you’ve seen or felt. For example, I personally believe that some feats are possible even though I haven’t witnessed them (yet!).

This is the delicate balance of being a healthy skeptic. Investigate things, but remain open minded.

So let’s get started. Here are some of the things that I’ve personally experienced.

Experience #1: Vibrating Arms and Fingers

When I practice a Kung Fu form (especially Tai Chi forms), my arms and fingers start to vibrate. The same thing happens when I practice martial qigong exercises like One Finger Zen.

I’ll be the first to admit that the phenomenon is a bit odd. It looks as if I’m tensing my arms so hard that they are shaking.

But I’m not tensing. The vibration definitely doesn’t come from isometrics. My arms remain soft when this happens.”

Check out the blog here: Flowing Zen.



Energy Arts: I think I’m right in saying that this is the best tai chi blog for actual tutorials. With a range of articles and videos you can learn virtually everything you ever wanted to know about tai chi. For more see: Energy Arts.

Here’s there video “5 Keys to Taoist Energy Arts Introduction”

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Tai Chi Notebook

Tai Chi Notebook is one of the only Tai Chi blogs on this list that delves into martial arts. Tai Chi Notebook is a very modern tai chi blog with excellent design and very well written articles. It definitely deserves it’s place in this list.

Excerpt From “Strikes – Soul Meets Body by Vladimir Vasiliev and Scott Meredith, a review.”

“First of all I feel the need to address the elephant in the room. This book (curiously?) doesn’t have the word “Systema” in its title or anywhere on the cover, except on the jumper Vladimir is wearing, but make no mistake, it is a book about the Russian martial art called systema. Systema often gets a bum rap from other martial artists, not by the practitioners, or the people who have tried a class, it should be noted, but more often by people who see the numerous videos of the art being trained on YouTube and cry foul. The videos often contain people moving in slow motion while falling head over heels backwards at the merest hint of a punch from a seemingly out of shape martial arts instructor. The BJJ community in particular is scathing of the systema groundwork videos out there.

To be fair, it’s not unreasonable to question a lot of these systema videos, but I feel the criticism is often born out of ignorance about what is actually happening. There are certainly some videos that seem like nonsense to me, but that’s often because systema uses unusual drills as a chief training method, often without explaining what the rules of the drill are before posting a video of it. Add to that the fact that there is an awful lot of nonsense in martial arts in general, from ‘no touch’ chi masters from China and Japan, to overweight, out of shape Western guys who think they’re ninjas, and you can see why it’s hard for systema to catch a break. But if you think about it, any martial art has parts that make zero sense to people outside of the art. For example, just look at a video of two high level black belts in BJJ scooting about on their butts and leg scissoring each other for 10 minutes in a competition to become ‘world champion’ and tell me that’s not as ridiculous as the wackiest of systema videos.”


Tai Chi Central:

What I love about Tai Chi Central is the personal feeling to all of the articles.

This website makes you feel like you know the author, and that’s a wonderful thing for a website to achieve. There are tons of well written articles by tai chi masters. A must read. See: Tai Chi Central.

Excerpt from “Harmonious Combative Ecosystems”

“Each of us is a complex ecosystem consisting of countless physical, mental, and emotional components. While the solo form teaches us to recognize the integral nature of these seemingly disparate parts, practice with a partner expands our awareness so we can learn to integrate with the opponent’s ecosystem. Each part of one person becomes integral to the stability of each part of the other person. This is why it is said, “There is no enemy. I am one with the universe. Anyone who would attack me should be defeated by the nature of his or her own attack.”

Tai chi offers many stages of training between the literal technical application of the form and actual self defence. One of those stages is a type of “free-hands” incorporating the sticking and following of pushing hands (tuishou) and the various throws, joint controls, pressure point manipulation, striking and kicking. This practise aims to maintain and enhance the relaxation, flow, and control developed in the solo routine.”



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