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Are you looking for free or sponsored guest posting / writing opportunities for health / spiritual lifestyle /  yoga / mindfulness / natural health / tech / travel? Write for us today.

Guest bloggers are wanted here today for guest post submissions and sponsored posts. Write for us and get published on our site.

Here’s how. It’s simple!

How To Work With Us 

What to write for us when you submit guest posts and sponsored guest posts (natural health, mindfulness, yoga, spiritual articles)

You do not need to have any experience or hold a relevant qualification. What you do need is:

Excellent writing skills

Have a passion and a voice

Be knowledgeable about your subject (preferably  mindfulness / yoga / spirituality / natural health / lifestyle)

Unique voices stand out online

Express yourself and you’ll reach a wide audience of world-wide readers.

Write about positivity, lifestyle, spirituality, or just happy news.

Share your individual voice and talent

Get feedback from the editor at your request

3 Simple Rules

1: Do not send a pitch. They will be ignored. If you want to write for us, send your complete guest post / sponsored post (articles must be unique).

2: If your article is to promote a product, read our Advertising guides. We accept sponsored guest posts

3: When you write for us remember that we can only accept free and sponsored guest posts that are unique and have  never been published before. 

Current Hot Topics: Mindfulness, Yoga, Teacher Training, Meditation retreats, Vacations for yoga, anxiety, depression, mental health, tech, travel

Tips On Writing Guest Posts / Sponsored Guest Posts For Specific Sections Of Our Site (Mindfulness / Yoga / Natural Health / Lifestyle / Spiritual Tech / Travel)

Into Yoga? Write For Us A (Free OR Sponsored) Guest Post Like This

When it comes to submitting stories about yoga, write for us an article that is full of positive energy.  When you’re writing about yoga, write for us articles that are educational inspiring and positive.

Write a guest post that is personal, and fill your words with energy, pizzazz, and spark. Then we’ll be sure to accept submissions for your yoga articles.

We are currently expanding our chapter on yoga, write for us today and your submission is very well likely to be published.

Mindfulness & Meditation

If you are into mindfulness, write for us a free or sponsored guest post submission that shows off your experience.

Maybe you are a certified mindfulness teacher. In that case, we want you to write for us a guest post about mindfulness that really teaches people how to be mindful.

Or maybe you are new to mindfulness. Write for us a guest post that shares your experiences trying to be mindful.

Here’s how to succeed when you send us a mindfulness article submission: Be you. Write the one article you can write that no on else can write.

What To Write

Mindfulness is a huge subject. You cant cover it all. For mindfulness, write for us a guest post about one specific thing.

Maybe you’re a mindfulness instructor. Write for us a guest post about mindfulness that teaches people how to be mindful in one particular way, and share your experiences as a teacher.

If you sell mindfulness products, remember that we have sponsored guest posts you can use. Contact us today for info.

Want to do a guest post on Natural Health?Write for us following these guidelines

When it comes to natural health, write for us an article that is compassionate and knowledgeable.

When you submit health articles to our blog, make the reader feel like they have a friend in you.

We want our readers to feel loved, cared for, and supported. So when you submit health articles to our blog, make them a mixture of knowledge, wisdom, and love.

So when you’re submitting articles on natural health, write for us in a way that is both factual, educational and friendly. You know, like a good doctor.

Want to submit a guest post about Lifestyle? Write for us following these guidelines:

If you want to submit a guest post on lifestyle, write for us in a way that will inspire our readers.

Our audience is full of spiritual people who love mindfulness and yoga. Our readers believe in natural health and in being positive people who are loving and compassionate. So is you want to submit guest posts on lifestyle, write for us about those topics.

Write for us a guest post about the spiritual lifestyle or the natural health lifestyle that speaks to our audience

Interested in sending an article about travel? Submit the following:

If you want to submit a guest post on travel, write for us in a way that sparks curiosity and adventure.

Our audience is full of spiritual people who love mindfulness and yoga. Our readers believe in heath and love going on retreats. So any travel articles related to health retreats and similar topics are great ideas!

Write for us a guest post which makes our readers want to travel on an adventure.

For articles about tech…

If you want to submit a guest post on tech, write about cool new products that relate to the fields of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and similar areas.

Our readers love technology that they can use to live better, healthier lives.

Guest Post F.A.Q


We accept a variety of different guest post submissions.

List posts (e.g. “Top 10 ways to be happy”) are always popular. Guest posts and sponsored posts with unique voices are very popular. When accepting guest post submissions we consider a few points. 1) Will our readers enjoy this article? 2) Is it well written? 3) Will the article generate discussions or shares? When you submit a guest post, write them in a way that will be popular, articles our readers will want to discuss with their friends.


We operate on an open-door policy. But we do expect a few key things: Passion. Writing ability. And a unique voice. If you do not have experience with mindfulness, yoga, spirituality or health, we probably will not accept guest post submissions.


When you write for us, you put your talent and your voice in front of our readers. We generate 130,000 unique page views per month. So there is a big opportunity for you. You can also communicate with the editor (who is a seasoned professional journalist of more than 10 years experience), meaning you can hone your talent.


A minimum of 1000 words. Written in a way that keeps readers reading. We want your guest post submissions to be read from start to finish.

Unlike offline publications, online publication is all about the “time on page” metric. When you write for us, we want to know that your guest post submission will keep people on the page.  You can achieve that with a long (1000+ words) article. But you can also achieve that by embedding videos. Ask yourself: Will your article make readers stick around on The Daily Meditation? If so there’s a good chance we’ll accept your submission.

Free or sponsored?

We want to help writers find a place for their work. And we want to help companies to grow online by working them. That’s why we distinguish between free and sponsored guest post submissions.

The difference is simple: Free guest post submissions are for writers who simply want to write an article, with no commercial interests in mind.

Sponsored guest post submissions are for companies and paid writers.

Simply put: if you simply want to write an article, it will be a free guest post submission. If you have professional or commercial interests in mind, it will be a sponsored guest post submission.

Current Hot Topics: CBD, Mindfulness, Yoga, Teacher Training, Meditation retreats, Vacations for yoga, anxiety, depression, mental health, tech, travel

Further info

THE DAILY MEDITATION offers many guest posting / writing opportunities for spiritualists, mindfulness teachers, yoga teachers, psychologists, natural health enthusiasts and spiritualists.

What we are really looking for is a unique voice.

We want you to share your love and your passion

What are you into?

  • Yoga?
  • Mindfulness?
  • Psychic readings?
  • Psychology?
  • Natural health?
  • Buddhism?
  • Lifestyle?
  • Spiritual healing / rehab / therapy?

Whatever it is, when you write a guest post for THE DAILY MEDITATION, we want you to show how passionate you are about your subject.

We don’t care if you write a science piece, a personal piece, even fiction or poetry. We do care that you write with your heart and soul, because that is the type of writing that will succeed online.

Ready to write for us? Send your free and sponsored guest post submissions to:

[email protected]

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  1. Hi Paul
    This is a great idea and fantastic way to gain exposure for passionate writers. If I was to submit a piece as a sponsored guest post will I be allow links back to my website?
    Many thanks

  2. Hey i m ayush
    I’m ayush antiwal and I write at https://sprituallity.blogspot.com I’m also a regular
    contributor at Science of sprituality
    Anyway, I’m writing to you because I have some really interesting
    content ideas that I strongly feel will be perfect for audience.
    I can send you the topics I have in mind if you’re still open to new guest
    ayush antiwal

  3. Hello, team, the daily motion I am a yoga teacher, practitioner, writer want to post my yoga article on your sites as a guest author
    how did you think about this topic idea?

    1. please email me at PaulH[AT]TheDailyMeditation[DOT][COM] and I will be happy to help you with this. Thanks.

  4. Hello!

    My name is Emily Clark. I’m writing to ask if I can contribute an article “How To Meditate With Your Chakras” to thedailymeditation.com.

    What do you think about this idea?

    Hope to hear from you soon,


    1. Hi Emily. I like the idea but I already have a piece on that topic. If you’d like to email me we can discuss this further. Thanks.

  5. hello, I am Vinay from India. I m having a website for students preparing for competite examination. “Civil Service Examination”. One of the toughest exams in the world. I am in requirement of alertring their mind spiritually and concentrate more on their preparation. Here is my requisition for sharing your articles related to mind and apiritulity for the CSE candidates. Let we both collaborate in this journey to help candidates to focus more and keep their mind calm always. Do mail me reply for this request.
    Thank you.

  6. Hi and Hello
    Here is something little I wrote the other day that I thought to share with you and any that can find inspiration and validity in my words. Usually I write what comes from within me though inspirations of all sorts and my subject matter is broad when covering spiritual and philosophical substance.
    My aim is to reach and offer my words to all those that may find some value in them.
    I thank you for considering my words and at the very least your feedback would be valuable to me if you were to take the time to reply to me.
    Without further ado, here is a little I wrote about the dreamer inside of us all.
    With gratitude and love

    You call the likes of me and mine crazy and insane.
    We aren’t, but rather you fail to see our points from which our dreams grow through that pinhole of a reality that you call your looking glass.

    Its is our likes that dare to dream that which the majority deem as impossible, ludicrous and dare they say it! Insane.
    It is us that stand at the edge, looking further, knowing we might fall, yet standing all the closer, rather to fall, than to doubt our dreams with backward steps.
    And we fall, and we climb again and again. However long it takes, however much it requires and if our hearts remain true then we soar on wings built on our dreams.
    The more it is said that it cant be done, we add this to the fuel of our dreams, because defiance of the odds burns bright.

    Yet we are no greater or lesser than you as most of us have put our dreams deep inside at one time or another. But our dreams are never truly gone, for they sit somewhere inside of us, always at the ready, prepared for that moment that we reach for them.

    So cast your gaze away from the dreams of others, your phone, your tablet are the dreams of others, their ideals are not your own and who better to know you than your own self rather than someone whom has never known you yet would inform their belief onto you.

    And if you have lost your dream inside of yourself, then cast your gaze within and uncover it again.
    Dig deep I say, dig deep and bring them forth for all the world to see. It is after all our individual dreams that make this world worth experiencing.

    So take that pinhole and expand it again into a panoramic view, because deep down you know that you too are the ones you would call crazy and insane.

    That had been one of my most provocative pieces that I had written to date but I felt that it would be of no use being subtle where our personal dreams are concerned.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sven. Thanks for your message. I’m currently accepting articles of 1000 words or more. If you would like to expand on your article so it is over 1000 words I’ll be happy to take a look. Email it to editorial at [email protected] thanks. All the best.

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