Yoga For Sleep: Expert Advice You Need To Know

redhead woman practicing yoga in bed

Are there any benefits of yoga for sleep? One of our email subscribers recently wrote in to ask how yoga could help them to overcome insomnia. I wanted to create an authoritative answer to that question. And so I asked numerous experts—including yoga teachers, psychologists, and therapists—how yoga can help you get to sleep at […]

Yoga And Mental Health: Expert Advice You Need To Know

yoga and mental health

There are so many mental health benefits of yoga. Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss the link between mental heath and yoga with numerous experts, among them psychologists, yoga teachers, therapists, researchers, and others. I learnt so much about how yoga improves mental health, and how to practice yoga for mental health. And I […]

She’s Teaching Sign Language Meditation & Yoga For The Deaf

yoga meditation for hearing impaired

In an effort to make yoga more all-inclusive, yoga instructor and qualified British Sign Language (BSL) Bethaney Mouzer has started teaching sign-language yoga for the deaf. Trying to learn yoga when deaf is obviously a challenge. If you learn via a Youtube channel, you’re constantly turning your head to look at the video because you […]

Yoga For Migraine Relief: Research Reveals Big Benefits

Yoga For Migraine Relief

Minneapolis, MN, June 9 2020—New research by the American Academy of Neurology reveals significant benefits of yoga for migraine relief. As someone who personally suffers from migraines, I know how devastating they can be. They make it completely impossible to get on with the day. The painful symptoms of the condition include sensitivity to light, […]

Yoga Poses & Breathing For Panic Attacks

yoga for panic attacks

Let me tell you about when I started using yoga poses and yoga breathing for panic attacks. I used to suffer from panic attacks. I would be going about my day to day life. Everything would be fine. Then out of nowhere a terrible thought would enter my mind. I would think something horrible, usually […]

What to Expect During Your First Yoga Class

your first yoga class

New to yoga?  Walk into your first class well-prepared by reading this post on what to expect during your first yoga class.  Yoga is a great way to improve both your physical and mental health through strengthening your body and centering your mind. Don’t feel intimidated by fancy terminology, all of the props, and challenging […]

Best Yoga Streaming Apps & Platforms 2020

woman doing yoga in a studio

When you’re looking for the best yoga streaming platforms and apps in 2020, you’re spoiled for choice. Apps like Yoga Download and Yoga Collective offer plenty of high-quality content. And there’s the likes of new app Hello Yoga and Peloton. Which one should you use? Choosing the best yoga streaming apps and platforms is a […]

Teach Yoga Online: Become A Yoga Teacher Today!

how to teach yoga online

In this guide I’m going to show you how to become a yoga teacher and how to teach yoga online. There is a lot of potential in being a yoga teacher. If you love the practice you will get so much out of it, and you will have a blast doing it. But becoming a […]

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Insurance – A Guide

meditation and yoga insurance

In this guide: How to choose insurance for meditation teachers and mindfulness studios, and why you need it. When you’re thinking about becoming a meditation teacher or if you are opening a mindfulness studio, it is vital that you get the proper insurance that you need before you start teaching students. Insurance is vital for […]

Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients: Research Reveals Big Benefits

a woman holding her finger to her breast

San Antonio, U.S.—Research from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium reveals benefits of yoga for breast cancer patients Weekly yoga practice helps breast cancer patients who receive chemotherapy by increasing energy levels, reducing nausea, and improving overall wellbeing, according to a recent study presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Breast cancer is a […]

Salma Hayek: Yoga Photo of The Day [Bow Pose]

photo of Salma Hayek doing Bow Pose from Hatha yoga

Today we have Salma Hayek for yoga photo of the day. She recently took to Instagram and uploaded a selfie of herself doing Bow Pose [Dhanurasana], a back-bend asana used in Hatha yoga. Salma Hayek, the Mexican and American film actress and producer who starred in such movies as Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, and […]

Yoga For Epilepsy: New Research Reveal Benefits

yoga for epilepsy

Breaking research has surfaced that reveals potential benefits of yoga for epilepsy patients. As yoga teachers, it is important to know how yoga can affect or influence people with different health conditions. That’s why I thought I would share this research with you. What The Research Says About Epilepsy And Yoga The research suggests that […]

San Antonio “Zen Zoo” Gives Online Yoga Classes With Animals

lion doing yoga

San Antonio, U.S—San Antonio zoo offering free live yoga classes with animals and it’s awesome. By now you’ve surely noticed that there are thousands of free online yoga classes taking place around the world (you can take them for free using that link). Those yoga classes involve everything from Vinyassa to dance-yoga.  One thing that […]

Ira Yoga App Review: Ira Trivedi In The Palm Of Your Hands

ira yoga app review

Mumbai, India— Ira Trivedi yoga app provides you with a yoga teach in your phone (or other device). Ira Trivedi, the famous yoga teacher and author of the book What Would You Do To Save The World (Penguin Books) is launching a new yoga app, Ira Yoga, thus making it the one-billionth yoga app ever […]

Yoga International Community Partners Program Poses Big Questions

yoga international community program

HONESDALE, Pa., March 25, 2020   – Yoga International Community Partner’s Program promises to help yoga studios during COVID-19. But should you trust it?  As you will know if you have been following THE DAILY MEDITATION on social media or our newsletter, amidst COVID 19 many yoga studios are moving their classes online. COVID-19 forced […]

Savannah Guthrie: Yoga Photo Of The Day (Wheel Pose)

savannah guthrie yoga pose

Today we have Savannah Guthrie for yoga photo of the day. Savannah Guthrie, the Australian-born American broadcast journalist and attorney, and co-anchor of NBC NEWS morning show Today, has just completed a 30-day yoga challenge with her friends, and celebrated by taking a picture of herself in Wheel Pose (Chakrasana). Chakrasana, or “Wheel Pose” is […]

 Yoga for Brain Injury Recovery [Benefits, Poses, Research]

yoga for brain injury

Research has revealed significant benefits of yoga for brain injury recovery. In this tutorial we will look at how people with brain injury can practice yoga, the benefits, and specific poses (asanas) to try. I have personally suffered a brain injury a couple of years ago when I passed out and smashed my head on […]

Jamie Anderson On Meditation, Yoga For Snowboarders

jamie anderson yoga meditation for snowboarders

Jamie Anderson has been gathering the medals at the Olympics and most recently at the 2020 Aspen X Games. Now, she reflects on her spiritual practices and the benefits of meditation and yoga for snowboarders. The 29-year-old American snowboarder just claimed first place in the 2020 Aspen X games. And, in an interview for Cosmopolitan, […]

Yoga, Meditation For Baseball Players: What You Need To Know

meditation yoga for baseball

Over the past few years, sports tech researchers have been investigating the benefits of meditation and yoga for baseball players. Yoga and meditation are taking over the sports world right now. Yesterday, football player Erling Haaland celebrated a goal by meditating, and last year there was the Tom Brady was seen doing yoga on the […]

Katy Perry: Meditation “Best Way To Deal With Negativity, Confidence”

katy perry meditation

According to the singer of “Roar, Katy Perry, meditation is the key to dealing negativity and gaining self confidence. The 35 year old singer has recently been discussing how she uses mindfulness practices to deal with the negativity in her life and to gain self confidence. Speaking at a recent press conference for the show […]