Yoga For Toddlers Online Yoga Classes Launched

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Organic Zoo launcehs new Yoga For Toddlers online classes designed for two-to—four-year-olds and parents. Called “Yoga Mini”, classes start Monday, April 27th.

Parents wanting to keep their kids entertained during the pandemic can take the new yoga for toddlers online classes by Organic Zoo, a kids’ brand. Classes will start on Monday April 27th and are free to all kids and their parents.

With the kids away from school and the complete lack of any local events to attend to keep the little ones entertained, it’s hard to know how to help the little ones get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, several brands have launched new, free online content for parents to help educate and entertain children.

We’ve already seen Headspace launch its Sesame Street meditation series. And oh my goodness if it wasn’t the cutest thing ever as Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe taught Cookie Monster to be mindful while waiting for this cookies!

Moshi (of Moshi Monsters fame) has meanwhile massively renovated its kids’ mindfulness app, the Moshi app.

And, of course, the little ones have been loving the Cosmic Kids Yoga app.

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Your kids will love Organic Zoos Yoga For Toddlers Content

Organic Zoo, a kids’ brand focused on “creating a product that is made in an ethical way and promotes a positive cultural change” is offering free yoga for toddlers online classes to help parents through the pandemic.

The toddler’s yoga classes are a series of seven 10-minute videos that will be broadcasted live on Instagram Live and IGTV on Organic Zoo’s feed.

The seven to 10-minute classes are designed for two-to-four-year-olds to do alongside their parents and will be broadcast on Instagram Live and then added to IGTV on Organic Zoo’s feed.

The classes will be led by Holly Cooper, the founder of iO Yoga Studio, a yoga studio in Brighton, United Kingdom, that specialises in teaching online yoga classes.

The yoga classes promise to be fun and simple with a variety of stretches and positions designed for kids and their parents. To make it entertaining for kids, the videos will teach yoga through animal movements and sounds.

The Yoga Minis schedule:

Episode 1. Monday 27 April 10 am: In the garden: incorporating stretches relating to sunshine and flowers in the garden.

Episode 2. Monday 4 May 10 am: In the park: stretches inspired by the swings, ladders and the playground.

Episode 3. Monday 11 May 10 am: In the farm: workout referencing many familiar animals that children would love.

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