Buckinghamshire U.K. WheelPower releases educational videos about adaptive yoga for wheelchair bound patients.

WheelPower, a UK based organisation helping people with physical impairments, has released videos about adaptive yoga for wheelchair bound patience.

Adaptive yoga is a type of yoga that teaches the core principles of yoga for people with physical impairments and other special needs. It is a gentle and safe type of yoga that makes it accessible to all people, regardless of body style of health conditions.

WheelPower has released these videos to help wheelchair users do yoga at home during the global pandemic. The classes are led by Nina Boswell Brown, the founder of SittingFitYoga.com and a Yoga Vista Academy Chair Yoga Graduate. Nina teaches people how to do yoga in a wheelchair in a safe and effective way, with suitable yoga poses for wheelchair-bound patience.

WheelPower states that yoga is “a safe and effective way to increase strength, flexibility and your balance that can lead to improvements in both your physical and mental wellbeing.” The company believes, and we here at THE DAILY MEDITATION agree, that adaptive yoga can help transform lives through physical activity.

Videos On Yoga For Wheelchair Bound Patience

The videos are approximately 30 minutes each. The first video teaches gentle yoga poses for stretching the neck, shoulders and arms. These asana [yoga poses] create flexibility in the upper body, which can become tense and strained due to improper alignment and poor posture. Nina explains how various yoga props can help the wheelchair bound do yoga poses safely with limited balance and movement. There are also lessons on yogic breathing techniques and pranayama (the style of breathing performed when doing yoga poses).

Adaptive Yoga with Nina Class 1

WheelPower recommends wearing comfortable clothing that lets you move freely when you follow these videos. They also recommend finding or creating a suitable yoga space at home.

In the second video, Nina explains how to use yoga for the back and spine. The stretches increases flexibility in the five different directions that the spine can move. The site does state that some people may have limited spinal flexibility and fixtures that could make it difficult to do some of this yoga for wheelchair bound patience. They state that it is very important to make sure you move in gentle ways and never overextended your body. For some people it is also imperative to limit forward movement of the spine, especially for those with herniated or slipped discs.

You can take the second lesson here.

Benefits OF Yoga For Wheelchair Users

There are many benefits of yoga for wheelchair bound patience.  The benefits include the following:

Always remember to consult a healthcare professional before beginning yoga. A professional will help you to make sure that you are practicing yoga safely, and will help you to avoid injury. If you follow along with the yoga videos at home, make sure you do so in a cautious way. While yoga can certainly offer big benefits for the wheelchair bound, it is imperative that you take it slow, ask for professional help, and be safe.

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Written by Paul Harrison

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