8 Best Gifts For Yoga Lovers For 2020

You want to get the best gifts for yoga lovers. You know some yoga presents are obvious, like yoga pants and a class at your local studio, but you want something better than that.

You want to get the absolute best gift for yoga lovers. Something thoughtful. Something meaningful. Something they will cherish, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas present or any other special occasion. You want a memorable pressie!

What do you get?

There are a lot of options.

I previously shared my very favorite gifts for meditation lovers (lots of great gift ideas for yogis in there, too!)

Today let’s take a look at your best gift ideas for yoga lovers.

Best Gifts For Yoga Lovers That They Will Cherish Forever

1. Yoga Paddle Board

Here is one of the best gifts for yoga lovers. Something that surprises them. Something they probably dont have yet

A stand-up paddle board is a combination of paddling and surfing. You stand up and paddle… and if you’re a yogi, you do poses at the same time.

A lot of yogis have never tried paddle board yoga (they’re missing out) and they will love the opportunity to give it a shot.That’s why this is such a good present idea.

They will think this is about the coolest gift you could give me. So I’m confident your yogi boyfriend / girlfriend / whoever you’re buying for, will love to get this on Christmas or other special occasion.s

If you want to get the perfect one to really make them smile, take a look at my guide to the best paddleboards for yoga.

2. Take them to one of those insane classes (not the regular kind)

Obviously, you know that there are lots of different styles, like Vinyasa and Hatha. Taking them to a class like that wouldn’t be a big deal.

Want to know what would rock? Taking them to a crazy alternative class, like a yoga rave or Doga class. Now that is a fun gift idea for yoga loves this XMAS!

There are 28 types of yoga. And I will bet you there’s at least one type of yoga in that list that your friend / boyfriend / girlfriend / person you’re buying for, has not been to ever.

I guess this might technically constitute more of a party than a yoga gift, but heck, it is one of the best gift idea for yoga lovers anyway, right?

3.  Iyengar Chair

Some of the best gift ideas for yoga lovers are gifts that let them do their practice in different ways, ways they might not have tried before.

One style they might not have tried is chair yoga. A chair is great tools fbecause it helps yogis get into (and stay in) asanas (yoga poses) they might typically struggle with.

Take a look at my guide to yoga chairs for more on this.

4. Furniture for the studio

If they decorate their place with various items (and we yogis love doing this) then they will probably appreciate a nice piece of furniture.

You’ve got lots of different choices here, too. You could get them a meditation chair, an altar, a yoga mat… take a look at that link above. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

One great option is a yoga decal.

5. Meditation Cushion

In my experience, most yogis like to meditate. That’s why some of the best yoga gift ideas are meditation products.

One of the best gift ideas for yoga lovers who meditate is a meditation cushion. These are specially crafted cushions that you sit on when meditating. Lots of then have beautiful designs too, so if they’re into home decorating they’ll totally dig this.


6. Get them a mala 

Remember above when we discussed how yogis love meditating? Well, another of the best gifts for yoga lovers is a meditation mala.

Practically everyone loves malas (they look awesome and they have spiritual energy, plus they help you meditate). I wear mine everywhere.

Mala beads are a truly thoughtful gift idea for yogis, too. You can buy a mala that actually means something (for instance, I’ve bought protection malas for people who are going through stuff, so the energy helps them stay positive).

If this is a yoga gift for a girl she’ll love it, trust me.

7.  Yoga Mat 

Get it on Amazon

You want to knock their socks off, right? And if we’re talking about the best yoga gift ideas for a girlfriend or boyfriend then you want them to know you really, really thought about it, right?

That’s why this mat is just, well, the best thing ever really.

Liforme’s Mat is an ECO friendly non-slip mat made of special material that stops yogis from slipping. It’s also bigger than your average yoga mat, at 72 x 26. Plus, the thing looks like it’s from the future.  There are even lines in the design that help to show you get into the right positions.

This is a special mat that they will truly cherish. Makes a great Christmas gift!

8. This awesome trapeze

Get it on Amazon

This trapeze might be the coolest thing since The Fonze. And it’s a really good present for yogis at Christmas time.

There are so many reasons why yogis should be doing aerial yoga. It takes away back pain, it helps with backbends, and it just flipping looks awesome, seriously.

Most yogis I know would love to be able to do aerial yoga at home. Thing is, you need a trapeze and not many yogis have one yet. And that is precisely why this is such a great gift for yoga lovers.

When you get them a yoga trapeze you’ll give them a new way to do practice all those crazy poses that they love so much. They’ll be grateful for that!

9. Any of this recyclable gear. 

Yogis tend to love recyclable stuff. That’s because they believe in protecting the planet. In fact, some yogis might not be pleased if you get them something that is not eco-friendly, because they want to look after Mother Earth any way they can. That’s why recyclable presents are always a good choice. Take a look at the link above for some great options!

Which did you pick?

So those are your best yoga gift ideas. But how do you know which is the best gift for the yoga lover in your life?

Well, speaking as a yogi myself, I think the best gifts:

  • Represent the relationship (there should be significance and a reason why you’re giving what you’re giving)
  • Are something new (don’t get what they’ve already got—hence why yoga pants aren’t in this list!)
  • Are eco-friendly (most yogi want to protect the environment)
  • Help them practice!

Which gift did you get?

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