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In this guide, we reveal how to use yoga to look young in your face, skin and hair. Using a combination of yoga mudras, asanas, and meditations, you can look beautiful and radiant

Our newsletter subscribers tell me they feel and look younger. And no surprise, because youthfulness is just one of the 100 benefits of meditation. Yoga helps too, with the right combination of mudras and asana it is possible to use yoga to look young in the face, hair, skin and everywhere.

Many of our readers were surprised to read about the ways meditation makes you look more attractive. But it’s true.

Yes, if you want to look beautiful and young always; if you want gorgeous skin that glows, smooth hair, cute nails, and a healthy physique with no (or at least less) wrinkles; then do yoga and meditation. 


There are meditation techniques to look young, and yoga poses to look young too, including the popular Face Yoga exercises (see below). Or if that’s not your cup of Earl Grey, you can use mantras and mudras to look young as well.

So if you’ve wanted to look in the mirror and see a stunningly beautiful person, you will probably want to start doing yoga and meditation. Let me show you how.

How To Use Yoga To look Young in the face, Skin and Hair

Beauty isn’t about moisturising creams, and it certainly is not about plastic surgery. We don’t even need to visit luxury spas. Beautiful should be a natural thing. When you purify your mind and body you will naturally look beautiful without having to worry about buying and applying all sorts of chemical-laden beauty products.

If you’ve ever wondered why famous models liks Giselle Bundchen and Miranada Kerr are so into meditation and yoga, it is largely because meditation and yoga make you look younger.

By being kind to our skin and compassionate to our minds and bodies, we can keep our youthful looks for years.

For instance, consider meditation. There are many techniques in meditation for younger-looking skin and hair. You can even use meditation to reduce wrinkles and clean your skin out. And science proves it works. 

You can use meditation for young-looking skin, hair, and overall looks.  

This Meditation Makes You Look Younger (Better Than Any Makeup Tutorial)



We have always known that meditation and yoga make us look more youthful, and now we know why.

There are over 110 proven health benefits of meditation, including the fact that meditation makes you more attractive.

Here are all the ways meditation and yoga make you look younger.

1:    Meditation improves skin and reduces acne, psoriasis and Rosacea

black woman meditating with eyes closed
black woman meditating with eyes closed


One way meditation makes you look young is that it clears most skin ailments.

Stress is the leading cause of psoriasis, Rosacea and acne. And extensive scientific research shows that meditation stops stress.

So it’s no wonder there are significant benefits of meditation for the skin.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield [1] investigated the effects of relaxation technique like cognitive behavioural therapy and meditation on people who have psoriasis, eczema, acne, and the pigment disorder vitiligo.

The researchers studied 900 participants across 22 peer reports. On completing the study, spokesperson Bevis Man said, “distress, trauma and stressful periods of a person’s life trigger psoriasis and eczema, as well as subsequent flare-ups…” Bevis states that cognitive treatments such as mindfulness and meditation improve skin quality and reduce acne, psoriasis and eczema because they reduce stress. 

woman with psoriasis scratching arm
woman with psoriasis scratching arm

2: Yoga makes you look young by increasing muscle mass

One of the benefits of using yoga to look young is that it increases muscle mass. As we age, we lose around 15 per cent of our lean muscle mass, according to Vonda Wright, orthopedic surgeon and the author of Fitness After 40. Yoga is an excellent way of increasing muscle mass. Doing four to five sessions of yoga per week helps to slow the loss of muscle mass even in people over 60.

muscular man doing yoga
muscular man doing yoga


3: Meditation clears the skin 

One of the most important things about using meditation for young skin is that it helps with detoxifying.  

When we are stressed, the outer layer of the skin becomes inflamed, and this makes it harder to flush out microorganisms and bacteria.

In 2001 the Archives of Dermatology published a study that stated that stress inhibits the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Researchers wanted to test whether meditation would reduce stress and, in turn, help the skin to repair itself.

Thirty-seven patients with psoriasis underwent mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy, and their levels of psoriasis were tested before and after. The results show that one brief guided therapy sessions increases the resolution of psoriatic lesions in patients with psoriasis. [2]

So, one of the best meditations to look young is MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction).


4: Yoga and saggy skin

We all know what it’s like to look in the mirror and see saggy skin, and many of us are eager to find ways to reduce saggy skin. Yoga is a potent solution. Janiene Luke, MD [associate professor of dermatology, Loma Linda University, California] tells THE DAILY MEDITATION that because yoga helps with muscle mass, it reduces saggy skin.  “The skin is like a drape for the underlying musculature,” says Luke, “so if those muscles are toned, you’ll look firmer and your skin will be less baggy.”

5: Meditation slows the ageing process

Does meditation make you look young? Or, does it actually make you biologically younger? Well, kind of both. 

A significant reason why meditation makes you look young is that it slows the ageing process. And this leads to youthful-looking skin and hair. Your skin glows more, is smoother, and your wrinkles reduce.

Research conducted in 2009 showed that meditation increases the length of telomeres—physical markers of again that are the main sign of longevity. A study in 2016 showed that Zen masters have longer telomeres than non-meditators.  [3]

6: For arthritis

One of the best things about meditation and yoga for over 60s is that it helps with arthritis, a widespread problem as we age. 

Looking young isn’t just about looks it is also about the way we move.

Arthritis, for instance, is a common tell-tale sign of age. Arthritis makes it hard to move. Hence why many older people struggle to move their fingers and usually saunter. But meditation makes you look young by helping you to move more easily. 

In 2010 Dr Rosenzweig studied the effect of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) on arthritis and other chronic pain conditions such as back pain. The research highlighted a significant reduction in pain for people with arthritis (tai chi helps too).  [4

Naturally, this is also one way yoga makes you look young. Yoga improves balance and coordination to improve the way we move, reducing the effects of arthritis.

woman getting facial yoga massage
woman getting facial yoga massage

5  Ways To Use Yoga To Look Young In The Face, Skin And Hair

Above we looked at how meditation and yoga make us look young. And you’re probably bursting with enthusiasm to get started. So let’s now look at how you can use meditation and yoga to look young in the face, skin and hair.

As well as meditation, you can also use tai chi, Ayurveda techniques

1:  Use This meditative technique

Use this meditation to look younger in the skin and face in just 10 minutes.

  1. OPTIONAL: To start with, take out your camera (or just look in a mirror) Take a selfie of how you look right now. This is important because in ten minutes you’re going to have a before and after picture. And those pictures will show you how powerful this exercise is.
  2. So you’ve taken your selfie that will be your “before” pic.
  3. Put the phone down.
  4. Close your eyes (or, if you’re at work or somewhere you cannot close your eyes, just look straight forward focusing on nothing)
  5. Breathe in ten times. Relax
  6. Follow your breath with your mind
  7. Inhale.
  8. Focus on the energy of your breath moving between your lips.  Ask your lips to relax. While you do this, gently massage your lips.
  9. Follow your breath from your mouth up to your nose. Feel your breath around your nose, massage your nose and ask it to relax.
  10. Feel your breath moving up to your eyes. Gently massage your eyes.
  11. Now feel your breath moving throughout your entire face and very gently massage your face.
  12. Continue this into your neck and then around your body.
  13. To clarify the process. You are breathing, focusing on your breath, and massaging your body.
  14. Continue until you have taken 108 breaths.
  15. Open your eyes.
  16. Take a second selfie.
  17. Compare the selfie to the previous one. Do you see how you are looking fresher, more relaxed, healthier, and younger?



2:  Facial Yoga  

The best way to use yoga to look young in the face is with a technique called Facial Yoga.  

Facial Yoga was created by by yoga teacher Annelise Hagen. It uses a combination of stretching and breathing exercises to firm skin around the face.

Hagen states that Facial Yoga works because:

This book shows you how to use yoga to look younger in the face



3: Best Yoga Poses To Look Young

Naturally, when we think of yoga, we mostly think about yoga poses (asanas), despite the fact that they are only one small part of the yoga lifestyle.

There are indeed certain yoga poses for looking youngers.

Here are the best yoga poses to look young.

  1. Mountain pose
  2. Tree pose
  3. Squat
  4. Downward Dog
  5. Plank
  6. Seated Twist
  7. Warrior II
  8. Sphinx pose
  9. Child’s pose
  10. Seated twist
  11. Leg-up-wall pose
  12. Reclining angle pose
  13. Chair
  14. Plank
  15. Forward-fold
  16. Bow pose
  17. Plow-pose
  18. Fish pose


2: Taoist methods

So you don’t have the moves like Jagger. No sweat. Use tai chi. Problem solved.  

Taoist techniques like Tai Chi and qigong are all about controlling the flow of Chi (prana / the lifeforce). Taoism holds many of the best meditations for looking younger

When chi flow is healthy, the skin glows, and we feel (and look) youthful, radiant and beautiful.

One of the best Taoist techniques for youthful looks is Tai Chi.

In Tai Chi, we focus the mind on the body as we slowly and gracefully move through different poses.

Tai Chi develops a gracefulness and ease to our movements, making us look more elegant, more energised and younger.

Tai Chi:

3. Mantras 

Mantras are words or phrases used in Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga.

Mantras are chanted sounds that we meditate on (some people think of these as beauty spells , but they are far more scientific).

We can think of these as sound meditations.

To look young, try the Surya mantra, a powerful and ancient mantra that is used to create beautiful hair and smooth skin.

You can learn about this in my Surya Mantra tutorial.

4. Mudras  

Mudras are specific hand or body positions that are used in yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism.

There are mudras for a multitude of health concerns—both psychological and physical.

For instance, there are mudras for weight loss, mudras for beautiful skin, and even mudras to reduce wrinkles. 

The best mudra to look young is the Prithvi mudra, which helps with hair growth.

Here’s how to perform this mudra:

  1. Hold your hands a little in front of your face with your elbows bent
  2. Lightly hold the tips of your thumbs and fourth fingers together
  3. Hold the other fingers straight
  4. Meditate in this position.
  5. Ayurveda to look young

Ayurveda is a complex health system that originated in India and has recently become popular in the West.

There are very many Ayurvedic practices to look young, including enemas, steam baths, and oil pulling (which is used for dental hygiene).

6: Reverse your mental age

To truly look young, we need to reverse the ageing process. One way is to use meditation and yoga to look young. But there are also cognitive and psychological ways of feeling and looking more youthful.

A new study by researchers at the University of Toronto has proven that when you feel negative about ageing you age faster, and when you feel positive about aging you stay young for longer.

Alison Chasteen [professor of the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychology] says, “People’s feelings about getting older influence their sensory and cognitive functions. Those feelings are often rooted in stereotypes about getting older and comments made by those around them that their hearing and memory are failing.”

This is why one of the best ways to use yoga to look young is to enjoy it and have fun. A positive attitude during yoga will make you feel joyful and playful, improving your mood and reducing the symptoms of aging.


7: Positive attitude and ageing

Research reveals that our attitude towards ageing directly affects our ageing rate.

To prove this, researchers examined three variables

  1. self-perceptions of one’s abilities to hear and remember
  2. views on aging
  3. actual performance of both memory and hearing.

Three hundred one adults between 56 and 96 completed a series of hearing tests and recall tests and answered questions relating to their views on aging and about how they feel about their own hearing and memory abilities. Questions included: “Are you good at hearing names?” and “Can you easily converse over the phone?” Participants were also asked to imagine various scenarios—like being blamed for a car accident because of their age—and their concern about those questions. These questions measured how positively or negatively individuals felt about their age.

The results show a direct correlation between attitude, hearing and memory functions.

“Those who held negative views about getting older and believed they had challenges with their abilities to hear and remember things, also did poorly on the hearing and memory tests,” said Chasteen…. There is a strong correlation between the two when a negative view impacts an individual’s confidence in the ability to function.”

Chasteen stated that when measuring an older adult’s cognitive functions, it is imperative to consider how they feel about their age because their attitude will have a direct effect on their performance. “Changing how older adults feel about themselves could improve their abilities to hear and remember.”

8: A Youthful Attitude

So, as well as using meditation and yoga to look young, we can adjust our attitudes too. 

Researchers at Stony Brook University, Princeton University, and University College London, discovered a fascinating link between a person’s value of their life and the amount of time they will live.

The research shows that people who believe their lives are worth living are 30% less likely to die. People who value their lives the highest are likely to live two years longer than the average person.

Value your life, and you’ll live longer. 

Researchers state that people with positive attitudes have lower cortisol output (cortisol affects the immune system, brain functioning, and metabolism) and that this leads to more youthful minds and bodies.

Be a positive person, and you will look and feel younger.

And that’s how to use meditation and yoga to look young.

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1: Lavda, A.C. & Webb, Thomas & Thompson, Andrew. (2012). A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of psychological interventions for adults with skin conditions. The British journal of dermatology. 167. 10.1111/j.1365-2133.2012.11183.x.

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3: Can meditation slow rate of cellular aging? Cognitive stress, mindfulness, and telomeres , Ann N Y Acad Sci.


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