10 Best Yoga Meditation Techniques You Need To Experience

Let me tell you something: I love yoga meditation techniques.

I mean I’m bound to, right?  Being a yoga practitioner and meditation teacher it’s kinda obvious I’d love all the types of meditation in yoga. Especially given that I wrote basically the net’s best guide to meditation techniques.

Thing is: everyone can get something out of these yoga meditation techniques. Especially if you combine them with my list of yoga breathing exercises!


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There Are So Many Benefits Of Yoga Meditation Techniques Yet So Many People Dont Know About Them!

I’ve taught everyone from five-year-old kids to the elderly all the different types of meditation in yoga. They all got something out of it. And you will too.

Here’s the funny thing: Everyone knows about the 28 types of yoga that are physical.

Everyone even knows about beer yoga and crap like that.

Yet next to no one knows about yoga meditation techniques like pratyahara—I mean except yoga teachers and we yogis who are really passionate about (which probably include you, right?).

So, with this post I’m going to make people more aware of yoga meditation techniques.

That’s why I want you to share this post right now. Yes, now. You can continue reading afterwards.

Right now let’s just spread the word about yoga meditation techniques.


Let’s get into this thing here, shall we?

The Top 10 Yoga Meditation Techniques

Try all these yoga meditation techniques and find the one(s) that work best for you.

Just a heads-up: I’m gonna start with a basic method and then share some more serious yoga meditation techniques.

1. Do meditation while doing yoga

There are all different types of meditation in yoga, like mantras, mudras, kundalini meditation, Nada yoga… but if you’re new to meditation and you love yoga, the best way to start meditating is to just be mindful while you’re doing yoga.

This is not a proper yoga meditation technique. I’m not impressing Patanjali here, not at all. But if you want to get started with yoga meditation techniques, meditate in your asansas.

If you know about Iyengar and other slower forms of yoga, you’ll know that you’ve got plenty of time to meditate in yoga poses. Do it. Nike that shiz.

2. Nada Yoga Meditation Technique

All right, time for the first traditional yoga meditation technique in this list: Nada yoga. I love this method.

Nada yoga is sound meditation.

Here’s the long and short of it:

  1. This technique kicks off with you meditating on external sounds like a singing bowl.
  2. You meditate on the sound gently and relax.
  3. Meditate on the sense of sound and close out all else. This will calm your mind and make you feel like you’re existing in some magical cosmic bubble type-thing.
  4. Once you feel totally Zen, tune in to your internal sounds—the sound your body is making. Keep meditating on this sound.
  5. Keep going until you hear the ultimate sound that is “Para Nada”, the universal sound manifesting in “Om”.

And speaking of Om, here’s our next type of yoga meditation technique…

3. Mantra Meditation In Yoga

Mantras are all over religion and spirituality. And they’re in yoga too. In fact, some people think mantras started in yoga (read the link above to see why that’s crazy wrong).

Mantras are another form of sound meditation.  You meditate on vocal sacred sounds, such as“Om”.

This is a massive form of yoga meditation in Kundalini yoga, so if you’re all about awakening that kundalini energy, you’d better start meditating on mantras.

4. Chakra Yoga Meditation Techniques

Chakras are the energy centres in your body through which prana (life force) flows. Thing is, your chakras can get blocked, and this causes all manner of nasty things to happen (actually, chakra blockages can make you seriously ill).

Thank Patanjali we can meditate on the chakras in order to open them and get prana flowing once again. 

5. Third Eye Meditation

If you thought, “Third Eye Meditation is just another chakra meditation” then give yourself a cookie because you’re right.

Thing is, Third Eye Meditation is so important that it demands its own place in this list of yoga meditation techniques. Sadhguru would throw me under a bus if I didn’t give this technique its own place in this list.  

Third eye meditation is a technique to activate you Ajna Chakra (third eye). Which is awesome because when your third eye is open you gain access to your insight.

Here’s how to do Third Eye Meditation.

6. Trataka Meditation (Gazing Meditation)

This yoga meditation technique is all about fixing your gaze on one object. It’s said that a still gaze equals a still mind. So, if you want inner stillness, this is the best type of yoga meditation technique for you.

Let’s try it now, shall we?

Here’s how to do Trataka:

  1. Place a lit candle on a table or shrine about a metre or so in front of you (sit close but, you know, don’t burn your face off on the candle)
  2. Fix your gaze on the candle
  3. Meditate on the flame of the candle. Quieten your mind.
  4. Hold your gaze still and continue to meditate on the flame. Take 25 breaths
  5. Now close your eyes. You will see the candle in your mind’s eye.
  6. Meditate on the mental image of the candle for another 25 breaths.

6. Bhakti Yoga Meditation Technique

Bhakti yoga meditation is one of the more spiritual types of meditation in yoga. This one is all about showing devotion to your deity. It’s an advanced meditation technique that is not ideal for beginners.

The idea with Bhakti meditation is to meditate on your deity and then to invite the deity to be with you and to inspire you.

If you’re a spiritual person, you’ll probably find this to be your best type of meditation in yoga.

Here’s how to do Bhakti meditation.

7. Dhyana Yoga Meditation Technique

Dhyana is the earliest form of yoga meditation technique and was first mentioned in Upanishads. In fact, the passage in Upanishads when Arjuna talks to Lord Krishna about Dhyana is basically the root of most of yoga’s philosophy.

So clearly this is a massively spiritual meditation technique. Powerful, too.

Dhyana is all about developing deeper oneness by breaking down the gap between consciousness and reality. Deep stuff, right? That’s why I wrote a complete guide to Dhyana meditation for you.

8. Kundalini Meditation

Oh boy. Kundalini meditation. Everyone likes tossing-out the word “Kundalini” like it were this year’s must-have fashion item. So, what is kundalini meditation?

Actually, there are several different types of kundalini meditation all of which are about awakening your kundalini energy to achieve enlightenment. Most of these techniques employ mantras as the meditation object.

Thing is, even though everyone tosses kundalini meditation like it were a bag of fries, it’s actually a big deal. There are a lot of risks of doing kundalini meditations. That’s why should learn it properly (not from Wiki-How, people, come on).

This style became popular after Osho begane teaching it.  

9. Kriya Yoga Meditation Techniques

Kriya yoga is a collection of meditation exercising taught by Indian yogi guru by Paramahamsa Yogananda. This stuff is deep. Real deep. Probably too deep for your regular yoga-pants enthusiast. But if you’re cool enough to be a proper spiritual yogi, then you’ll love it.

I’d tell you how to do it myself, but I’ll let you read this awesome guide on Yogananda.

10. Tantra meditations:

I know: your mom told you that Tantra is this sexual cult thing that Sting was involved with. Well, your mom only got a tiny bit of the story. Because while Tantra does involve some sexual techniques, it’s way deeper than that.

Actually, Tantra is about as deep as Marianas Trench—that’s deep, real deep. It involves all kinds of meditations and contemplations. There are 108 meditations in the text Vijnanabhairava Tantra by itself, and several of them are very deep meditations.

I looked online for a good guide to Tantra meditations, but I could find one! So, I’ll write one for you guys when I get around to it (follow me on Facebook for updates).


11. Pratyahara

Pratyahara is not actually a yoga meditation technique. It’s a yogic mind training system that involves closing off external stimuli to protect your mind.

Thing is, if you combine this with meditation you’ll have basically the healthiest mind ever. That’s why I wrote this in-depth guide to Pratyahara yoga.

And those are best types of meditation in yoga

Which of these yoga meditation techniques is your favorite?

Oh, and you might also like to check out Breath Of Fire Yoga.

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