Your Best Yoga Retreat For 2019 – How To Choose
Your Best Yoga Retreat For 2019 – How To Choose


What is the best yoga retreat in 2019?

Well, that answer totally depends on you.

You see, yoga retreats are a very personal thing. We all book yoga retreats for our own individual reasons. For some it is the sheer passion of yoga. For others it is an opportunity to get away from the stress of work while focusing on your health. And for others, yoga retreats are an opportunity to meet new yoga enthusiasts and who know, perhaps even spark a little holiday romance.

I took a look online for the best yoga retreat in 2019 and what I found was a bunch of lists that totally miss the point. Those lists tell you what the best yoga retreats are… but for who? Just because one blogger thinks the yoga retreat they personally went on was the bet one ever, doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you.

So, with this guide I’m going to help you find the best yoga retreat for your own individual needs.

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How To Pick The Best Yoga Retreat For You


1, What type of yoga do you want to do on your yoga vacation?

There are lots of different types of yoga.  And there are yoga resorts that focus on specific types.

For instance, there are Ashtanga yoga retreats like Purple Valley in Goa, and Vipassana yoga retreats. Many yoga retreats of a number of different styles, and some also incorporate traditional yoga meditation techniques.

It’s important to make sure that your yoga retreat focus on the right type of yoga.

Skill level also matters. There are yoga retreats for beginners and there are advances one too. Then there are yoga teacher training retreats that are usually 200 hours long and will train you to become a yoga teacher.

So, first thing to decide is this: What type of yoga do you want to do, and at what level?



2. Pick a location that makes you feel positive

Probably one of the main reasons to book a yoga retreat is for the boost of positivity they give [read: how to use yoga for positive energy].

When you’re booking a yoga retreat, book it in a location that is likely to make you, as an individual, feel good in your soul.

For some people it will be the beach, in which case you might like to boost a yoga retreat in California. For others it will be the mountains, and still some may prefer an inner-city yoga retreat in which case you might like to book a yoga retreat in Japan or Dubai. Artsy people might prefer Spain, perhaps to Barcelona to Gaudi’s masterpieces, or to Paris to visit La Louvre. Whatever makes you feel positive, that’s the ideal destination for your yoga vacation.

Also consider the style of the hotel. Is it a modern hotel or an older one? Does it have the type of vibe that jives with you?



3. Consider Your Yoga Teacher

Before booking a yoga retreat—which can be expensive—make sure you know who your yoga teacher on the retreat will be, and find out how much experience they have teaching. Also consider their teaching style and what former students have said about them. If you are doing a local yoga retreat with a teacher you know, ask whether they are the right person to guide you on a long retreat, which is very different to your regular one-hour yoga sessions.

Sometimes local yoga groups take retreats in other countries. If this is the type of vacation you’re going on, make sure your yoga teacher knows enough about the destination to make it a good holiday, not just some yoga someplace else.



4. What Are Your goals?

There are lots of different reasons to go on a yoga retreat. Fitness. Health. Soul-seeking. Fun. What is your reason for wanting to book a yoga holiday?

For me my main reason is inner peace because that’s what I’m all about. You might have a different goal in mind. Either way, it’s important to make sure that your yoga retreat is suitable for helping you meet your goal. Is it a yoga retreat that focuses solely on fitness when you really want a spiritual adventure? Is it very advanced yoga retreat when you want something simple and fun? Make sure the philosophy of the treat matches your own individual needs.


5. The cost

You can take a yoga retreat without spending thousands on the ticket. Heck, you can take a yoga retreat at home if you want to, you just need to set up your own yoga studio at home and spend more time in it. Point is, be aware of your budget. And remember that the actual cost of booking a yoga retreat is only a fraction of the overall price of the holiday.



6. The hotel, the temple, and the trees

 There are very cheap yoga retreats and there are very expensive ones. There are 5-star yoga retreats in California that have the fine dining experience, luxury beds, a swimming pool, your own private masseur, and all the bells and whistles you could ever dream of. Then there are yoga retreats in forests where your hotel is a tent and you’re expected to cook for yourself. Which could be perfect for some.



7. What other activities do you want to do?

Some yoga retreats are purely about yoga. They are dedicated retreats where yogis go to improve their skills and advance their practice. And many of these retreats do not cater for anything other than yoga.

If you want to do other activities, make sure they are available. Maybe you want to do some Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga, or swimming. Maybe you want to go hiking or surfing. Maybe you want to visit famous cultural sites while you’re away. Whatever activities you want to do on your yoga vacation, make sure they are available at your yoga retreat.



   And that’s how to choose the best yoga retreat holiday for 2019. Bon voyage! But before you go, remember to share this page and subscribe.

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential.

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