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Paul harrison  
Paul Harrison [Private Meditation Coach]

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 08, 2020:   Today, you can get the Synctuition app free for download in 14 countries.

Meditation apps really have taken over the world in 2020, what with the current mental health situation being caused by the pandemic. As a meditation teacher, I’ve been continually downloading and installing new meditation apps, partly to try them myself and also to review them. One of the best meditation apps in 2020 Is Synctuition, which calls itself the “most advanced relaxation program with 3D sounds and binaural beats.”

Everyone is downloading regular and VR apps for relaxation, and Syctuition currently has over 4.5K reviews, averaging 4.5 stars on the Play Store.

Synctuition Free Because Everyone Is Feeling Tense

In response to the pandemic, the Synctuition app has been made free in 14 countries until 31st July 2020. The countries where Synctuition is free include: United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

The company states that they have made the app free in response to surging demands over the past few months.

Created by veteran tech leaders in Estonia, Synctuition is regarded as one of the most advanced mindfulness and meditation apps on the market. And it has been made free at the perfect time. Experts around the world are suggesting a rise in mental health problems, as reported on Psychology Today.

Michael Burich, COO, and Co-founder of Synctuition, said, “We would like to use our platform to build on to keep people feeling safe, supported, and happy. We want to make a difference and provide hope to those seeking a bit of peace, release, and mindfulness in their daily lives, said Michael Burich, COO, and Co-founder of Synctuition. ‘By making Synctuition a completely free, no-strings-attached resource for people, we are giving them a safe space in which to release anxieties and let their spirits soar above all of the daily deluge of heavy news. Studies have shown the positive impact that mindful practices can have on helping combat stress and anxiety, allowing people to focus on the present while increasing patience, tolerance, and imagination.

Not only is Synctuition free, it is also one of the best apps out. It is backed by more than 106 scientific studies (though, note, many of these may have been funded by the company themselves, potentially giving false-positive results). It is the third largest mindfulness app in the US. It’s received raised from the Estonian government tool Urmas Reinsalu, the Estonian Minister for Foreign Affairs said: ‘I’m proud that Estonia is leading the way in developing so many different technologies to combat the challenges of the current time, and one of the most pressing of these challenges is the mental health crisis. People are struggling to cope with the effects of staying indoors, and people are worried about spreading the virus if they do go out, and their recent research has shown that people are very concerned about their loved ones and their friends. It is vital that people are given all the available materials to help them deal with the stress and anxiety they are currently feeling, which is why Synctuition’s global announcement today is so important.”

Note that a lot of companies are making apps “free” now so that you download them, and then they set the auto-payment feature on, so you end up forgetting about it and paying a month later. So make sure you turn the auto-payment off if you want to use Synctuition for free.

Also bear in mind that most mindfulness apps don’t work.

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