Your Best Meditation—Book Of The World’s Top Meditation Techniques

Thank you all for your support. I truly appreciate it.

I poured my heart and soul into creating this, the absolute best meditation book in the world. A book to teach you all the world’s best meditation techniques. And you guys have been loving it.  

Now in it third edition, Your Best Meditation remains the world’s best meditation book. 

Did you know there are hundreds of different meditation techniques?

Did you know that there are meditations from all different spiritualities, all different world cultures, and all different people?

Did you know that you can use all those meditation techniques to master your mind, increase your consciousness, and improve your life?

And did you know: there is one book in which you can learn them all?

 best meditation book

In Your Best Meditation: Book Of The World’s Top Meditation Techniques, I reveal the absolute best meditations the world has ever known.

In this book you will laugh and cry as you discover:

  • Yoga meditations
  • Hindu meditations
  • Buddhist meditation
  • Meditations for atheists
  • New age meditations
  • Mantras
  • Chakra meditations
  • And a few hidden secrets



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It wouldn’t be the world’s best meditation book without beautiful guides

You might be new to meditation.

Or you might be looking for a new way to meditate.

Perhaps you’re really interested in learning how to meditate properly.

Hey, I get it.

Years ago, before I became a meditation teacher, I spent ages trying to learn how to meditate properly. It just wasn’t working for me, you know?

I spent years learning all the world’s best meditations so that I could master my own mind.

Do you know what happened?

I went from being stressed, depressed, and under-confident, to loving life, living every moment to the max, and yes, becoming enlightened.

Do you know what I longed to do more than anything?

I longed to help other people discover what I had discovered: the real power of meditation.

That’s why I wrote this book, the world’s best meditation book, in order to hep you and people like you to master their minds.

And in return, you guys have supported me.

With your support, this became more than just the world’s best meditation book

Guys, you did it.

With your support from the proceeds of this book, I have been able to grow. I now teach meditation to people all around the world. And do you know what? I love you all for the support you have shown me.

Your kind emails that you have sent me telling me how much this meditation book has helped you… it means the world to me.

I always wanted to write the world’s best meditation book, a book that would be one of the top spiritual reads. But I had no clue that it would help so many people. 

With the proceeds from this book, I’ve been able to keep this website alive. And I’ve every intention of growing stronger from here.

Thank you for buying the world’s best meditation book, because you made me so happy. 

With blessings,

Paul Harrison


Book Description

ABOUT: Meditation teacher Paul M Harrison reveals the 31 most powerful meditations in the world, with tutorials, instructions, and personal accounts to help you on your way to enlightenment.


Comes ready for: Kindle, iOS, Android, Desktop, Mac

Length: 188 pages (based on Kindle page-length)

About Author Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison’s deepest passion in life is to teach meditation. Why? Because meditation is the key to self love, compassion, happiness, and enlightenment. 

Paul has poured 15+ years of experience meditating into this book so that you can learn meditation properly, so that you can find deep and lasting happiness and inner peace.