Learn To Meditate Properly With The Best Meditation Book Of 2019

Isn’t it time you learned to meditate properly?

As a meditation teacher, I have read all the best meditation books ever written. And I know what makes a great meditation book. That is why I went ahead and wrote the best meditation book of 2019. 

It’s called Your Best Meditation: Book Of The World’s Top Meditation Techniques. 

In this book I teach you all the best meditations. Plus, I will help you to change your life. I will show you how to use meditation to make your life even better. 

Learn to meditate properly today with my new meditation book. 

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ABOUT: Meditation teacher Paul M Harrison teaches you to meditate properly in easy-to-follow guides. Plus, learn the world’s top meditations. Think you know meditation? You will discover something new in this book, that’s a guarantee. It’s the best meditation book in 2019.


Comes ready for: Kindle, iOS, Android, Desktop, Mac

Length: 188 pages (based on Kindle page-length)


Now in its third edition, Your Best Meditation is the best meditation book in 2019

  • Did you know that even in 2018, an estimated most meditators are meditating the wrong way?
  • Do you know for certain that you are meditating properly?
  • Are you sure you are doing the right meditation for you?

In Your Best Meditation, the best meditation book of 2019, meditation teacher Paul M Harrison shows you how to meditate properly, and teaches you the world’s top meditation techniques so you can find the best meditation for you based on your unique and individual situation in life.

Your Best Meditation is the book you need to read if you want to learn how to meditate properly.

Here’s 3 Reasons Everyone Says Your Best Meditation Is The Best Meditation Book For 2019

1. When you read Your Best Meditation you learn to meditate properly

Let me ask you a question: Are you meditating properly?

Yes, you’ve read some blog posts and some article about meditation. But there’s so much more to it than that. 

If you re like 63% of meditators, you are probably meditating the wrong way

Time to stop meditating wrong and start mastering your own mind.

In Your Best Meditation, meditation teacher Paul M Harrison will teach you everything you need to know about meditation so you can start meditating properly today.

2. When You Read Your Best Meditation You Will Learn The World’s Most Powerful Meditation Techniques

In Your Best Meditation: Book Of The World’s Top Meditation Techniques, you will discover the best meditations the world has ever known.

In this book you will laugh and cry as you discover:

  • Yoga meditations
  • Hindu meditations
  • Buddhist meditation
  • Meditations for atheists
  • New age meditations
  • Mantras
  • Chakra meditations
  • And a few hidden secrets

 3. The Beautiful Guides In Your Best Meditation Make It Easy For You To Meditate, Even If You’ve Never Meditated Before 

You might be new to meditation.

Or you might be looking for a new way to meditate.

Perhaps you’re really interested in learning how to meditate properly.

Hey, I get it.

Years ago, before I became a meditation teacher, I spent ages trying to learn how to meditate properly. It just wasn’t working for me, you know?

I spent years learning all the world’s best meditations so that I could master my own mind.

Do you know what happened?

I went from being stressed, depressed, and under-confident, to loving life, living every moment to the max, and yes, becoming enlightened.

I wanted to share my knowledge so that you can learn meditation even if you have never meditate before.

That’s why I wrote this book. And it’s why I poured my heart and soul into creating the most easy-to-follow guides to all the best meditation techniques. 

Here’s what I promise you: Even if you have never mediated before, or if you have meditated but it didn’t work, you will learn how to meditate correctly by the time you have finished this book. 

Stop meditating the wrong way. Learn to meditate properly with Your Best Meditation, the best meditation book for 2019.

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About Author Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison’s deepest passion in life is to teach meditation. Why? Because meditation is the key to self love, compassion, happiness, and enlightenment. 

Paul has poured 15+ years of experience meditating into this book so that you can learn meditation properly, so that you can find deep and lasting happiness and inner peace.