Redesign Your Life With Our Personal Meditation Plans

The key to successfully utilising the power of meditation lies in personally tailoring meditation and mindfulness practices into your own life.

Every individual meditator has their own specific aims, their own specific reasons for meditating. The difference between success and failure is the ability to determine which meditation practices are right for you. That’s why TheDailyMeditation now offers the “Your Personal Meditation Plan” service.

About “Your Personal Meditation Plan”

Your Personal Meditation Plan draws on years of experience with countless meditation practices from around the world in order to specifically tailor meditation to your needs. Whether your aim is to lose weight, to maximise your workplace productivity or even to achieve lasting happiness you’ll find the solution with your Personal Meditation Plan.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say.

Jennie Rotherford: “My personal aim was to lose weight. I wanted to lose 50lbs. I’d tried all the weight loss pills and been on various programs, but nothing worked. With the Your Personal Meditation Plan system I was able to discover the reasons why I was overeating. I was taught to use Vipassana meditation and mindful eating, along with other meditation practices. I gained a new understanding of food and of myself. It took 4 months to lose the weight, but I succeeded.”

Greg Karlsen: “My aim with Your Personal Meditation Plan was simple: to significantly boost my business productivity. My business had hit a plateau. I needed something to lift myself, to increase motivation, to find heightened creativity and to improve my general productivity. The plan taught me to work mindfully, to practice Zen meditation so I was never stressed, and some Insight Meditation. The Insight Meditation was the best part. It gave me a completely new understanding of myself and my reasons for working, which motivated me a LOT!

Jasmine Gupta: I began the plan simply because I wanted to heighten my spirituality. I come from a very spiritual family. For years I found I wasn’t able to connect with spirituality like my family members did. That was before I used the plan. When I started the plan I specifically requested to learn as many meditation techniques as possible. I wanted to try them all! The plan gave me what I needed and now I find I’m often more spiritually connected, even moreso than my father sometimes!


How Your Personal Meditation Plan works

Your Personal Meditation Plan works by bringing your personal life into contact with countless years of meditation experience. The process begins with you. The meditation teacher will enquire about yourself in order to get to know you. He may ask what your aims are, about your daily life and other questions to get an idea of yourself. The meditation teacher will then create your personal plan, a ten page document full of detailed meditation guides on how you, personally, can transform your life through specific meditation practices.

What to expect:

  • When you receive your detailed document you will discover the following:
  • How to fit meditation into your daily plan (based on the information you provided about your day to day life)
  • Which types of meditation techniques are right for you, including complete guides to the suggested meditation techniques.
  • Specific mantras that will be instrumental to your personal success
  • Suggestions on adjustments you may wish to make to your day to day life
  • Your own personal mantra: Your mantra is specifically chosen by the meditation teacher and is individual to you. You will be taught to used your personal mantra to unlock energy inside of you. This is paramount to success.
  • Free copies of the ebooks Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners, and How To Meditate properly Anytime, Anywhere


The cost of the complete Your Personal Meditation Plan service is $50, though we offer a $10 discount to students and over 65s.


To book: To book or make further enquiries, please contact [email protected]