San Antonio “Zen Zoo” Gives Online Yoga Classes With Animals

San Antonio, U.S—San Antonio zoo offering free live yoga classes with animals and it’s awesome.

By now you’ve surely noticed that there are thousands of free online yoga classes taking place around the world (you can take them for free using that link). Those yoga classes involve everything from Vinyassa to dance-yoga.  One thing that was missing from the list, however, was some yoga with animals.

Well, thanks to the lovely folk at San Antonio zoo, you can now take free online yoga classes with all the animals they have at the zoo, from the comfort of your own home!

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“Zen Zoo” Let’s You Do Yoga With Lions, Tigers, And Bears, Oh My!

It’s called “Zen Zoo” and it started this past March at San Antonio Zoo. It’s already becoming wildly popular with Facebook, because, of course, who doesn’t love doing yoga with animals?!

In the recent Facebook Live yoga class, a yoga teacher and three participants did yoga with lions. They practiced their yoga session in front of the San Antonio Zoo lion exhibit, while bears were visible in the background.

It’s a bran new experience for San Antonio Zoo. But they wanted to let people know that they are thinking about them during this difficult time. And they produced what is one of my very favorite free online yoga classes with lions, tigers, and bears…Oh my!

Because of the huge popularity of the first Zen Zoo yoga video, San Antonio zoo has decided to continue giving classes. And they are uploading the lessons to their Facebook page for you to enjoy. The classes usually take pace a 9 a.m. and they are free for all!

San Antonio Zoo will feature different habitats and different animals in their zoo yoga classes, with everything from flamingos to giraffes!

Visit their Facebook page for more.


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