7 Enlightened Attitudes That Make Life Easy

make life easy

“Life is easy to chronicle, but bewildering to practice.” –  E. M. Forster quote

Life does not have to be hard.

Yes, I know, conventional wisdom says that life is hard.

I beg to differ. Because we can make life easy if we choose to.

And don’t get me wrong. At thirty-five I have been through more than my fair share of struggles. Moving country. Losing my father. Living in poverty. And then there was a time when as a ten year old a bigger kid stuffed me in a dustbin.

Sure, there will always been elements of life that can be perceived as a challenge, as a hardship.

But the mind creates reality. Reality is nothing more than an infinity of particles spinning through space. What creates personal reality is the way in which we choose to interpret those particles. And interpretation is a matter of attitude.

When we change our attitude we change the way we perceive reality, and the universe responds.

A bad attitude can make life hard.

A good attitude can make life easy.


These 7 Enlightened Attitudes Will Make Life Easy



  1. Appreciating whatever comes along:

Question: What do we actually mean when we say life is hard?

What most people mean is that it is hard to make life the way you want it.

In other words, it’s hard to shape life to our desire.

Another question: why bother.

There are two elements to that sentence above: it is hard to [make life] [the way we want it].

Foolishly, everyone focuses on the first half of the sentence: making life something.

They would be much happier if they focused on the other half what they want.

If life is not what you want, learn to like what life is. Appreciate things the way they are. Do not try and force life to comply to a delusional mindset.

Appreciate life and it comes to you. Like the Dale Carnegie quote says, “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get”.


  1. Feeling content:

There is a famous Buddha quote that says, “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”

We are never truly wealthy until we feel content.

When I say “wealthy” I am not talking about the shallow-minded materialistic sense of the word, the way unenlightened people think about contentment. I’m talking about spiritual contentment.

Life is so much easier when we are spiritually content. And it is easy to become spiritually content.

To be spiritually content, practice mindfulness. Take a look at these mindful habits. They will make you spiritually content in as little as an hour.



  1. Seeing the triumph in adversity:

Most people become convinced that “life is hard” when they face adversity.

I get it. I’ve been there. Hell, when the government told me I was not able to enter my country to be with my girlfriend for an entire year, it was a lot of adversity.

There is this misguided notion that success means overcoming adversity. Wrong. Genuine success means recognising the beauty and value of adversity itself.

My year without my girlfriend made me acutely aware of how strongly I felt about her. That time (which many people would call a negative situation) amplified my love. That is a blessing. Like the Dalai Lama says, “Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

Enlightened people know this: How to stay positive in negative times.



  1. Living one moment at a time:

Another time when unenlightened people think life is hard is when they focus on the distant future.

There is a rule in psychology that says that we should only ever focus on the step we are on right now.

If you’re climbing a mountain, don’t focus on the miles you have to climb, focus on the next step. Then what seems impossible will seem easy.

This little attitude adjustment can change our perspective and make us realise that actually, life is easy provided we go one step at a time.

Live in the moment always.


  1. Knowing that love is always the right course:

Conflicts make life hard.

The greatest conflict of all is when our love or passion faces off against rationality and logic.

It is not logical to leave your home and country to live in another country where you know no one but the one person you love. It’s grossly illogical. Spock would not approve. But then, I’ve always been more Star Wars than Star Trek.

Logic is a valuable tool. It is nowhere near as vital or powerful as love though.

Love is always right. Sure, it’s often painful. Sometimes it leads us to crazy-town. But it is always right. Even if we cannot see that love is right, it is.

That’s true for romance. And it’s true in terms of doing the work you love, too.

Love is a test. It says, “Are you brave enough to follow me”. The enlightened scream “Yes” in response. And that is why they live larger and louder than other, less enlightened people.


  1. Faith in something:

Cast out your ores and trust in the ocean’s currents to carry you where they will.

There is a power controlling our destiny. And it sure as hell is not us. To make life easy, recognise the higher power.

We may be given free will to help guide our vessel, but it is the universe’s ship, not ours. We are just blessed to exists in this vast ocean for a short spell.

Trust that life will carry you to your destination. Have faith in the cosmic powers of the universe.


  1. Knowing what wasn’t meant for you:

The unenlightened are apt to say, “But I want it!”

So what?

Just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Doesn’t mean you need it. Just means you happen to be experiencing an emotional state of mind that is telling your brain that you have a desire for something.

Some things are not meant for us. And to make life easy, we need to accept that.

Let go of what is not yours. Then you will embrace the infinity of things are uniquely yours, the myriad splendorous gifts the universe bestows on you.


Yes, life can seem hard.

Life can seem easy too.

Which is true?


Perceptions change like weather.

Me and you?

We’re just dust dancing in the light of the stars.




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