34 Meditation Techniques That Will Make You Better At Life

different meditation techniques

Learn a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques from Buddhism, yoga, Taoism. These mindfulness techniques are good for stress, anxiety, depression, and for promoting happiness, inner peace, and calmness. This is basically a free online meditation course and mindfulness course for you to enjoy.

Meditation Mantras For Beginners [Ultimate Guide]

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Learn all about mantras and their use in Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga and other spiritual systems. These mantras can be used for health and beauty, for getting beautiful skin, for stopping stress and depression, and even for producing good fortune and business growth.

Mudras: Everything You Need To Know, With Pictures

The ultimate guide to Hindu, Buddhist and Yoga mudras

In this mudras guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about these hand gestures and a complete list of mudras to use. You’ll find mudras from yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism and other spiritual systems. And you’ll discover how they benefit you.    I’ve created a complete mudras list below with pictures to help you to […]

Chakra Meditation Techniques : Steps & Benefits

chakra meditation

My students have asked me for some easy chakra meditation techniques beginners can use to activate the seven chakras. Keeping your chakras balanced is essential for overall health and wellbeing, and having any of the seven chakras blocked can lead to emotional or physical difficulties.  Below, you’ll find what is, in my opinion, the best […]

5 Dance Meditation Techniques You Need To Experience

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Did you know that dance meditation techniques are some of the best ways to exercise your mind? You probably already know that dance is one of the most healthy hobbies there is. And of course, conscious movement exercises are excellent for you too. But if you truly want to do an exercise that will help […]

Bhakti Yoga Meditation Practices: What You Need To Know

bhakti yoga meditation

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to practice Bhakti yoga meditation properly, and the benefits you will get out of it. But first: What is Bhakti yoga? Bhakti yoga is an ancient meditation technique that stems from Hinduism and Buddhism. Today it is mostly associated with yoga [READ: Best Techniques]. The practice aims […]

Dhyana Yoga Meditation Practice – A Guide

dhyana yoga meditation

Dhyana yoga (or “dhyana meditation technique”) is the 7th limb of yoga. And it’s kind of a big deal in Buddhism and Hinduism too, as I’ll explain in just a moment. If you’re into yoga or Buddhism, you really must learn this technique. You may already have heard of it. It is often taught in […]

10 Mantras For Health Problem & Healing

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Good news: There are many powerful mantras for health and healing that can help with illness, disease and various health problems. There are healing mantras for diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and many other common health problems. My massively popular mantras list for beginners reveals how Japa and sacred sound can help us to restore our health […]

Powerful Mudras For Your Mind [Hakini, Ushas, Tse]

“Tse”, “Ushas”, and “Hakini” mudra are three seriously powerful mudras for your mind. They help with intelligence, depression, mood, anxiety, memory, concentration, and other aspects of your brain. Mudras like the Tse mudra, Hakini , and Ushas can make a big difference in your life. They come from yoga and Hinduism, and they can stop […]

10 Powerful Mudras For Weight Loss To Make You Shred Weight

mantras for weight loss

Did you know you can use mudras for weight loss to help you get in shape, look good, and feel great about losing weight. These weight-loss mudras can also help with other aspects of losing weight, such as motivation and stress. It’s been scientifically proven that the hand positions used in Hinduism, yoga and Buddhism […]

10 Mantras To Clear All Debts, Get Money, And Financial Success

financial mantras for career

There are many different mantras to clear all debts, get money, and succeed in business and careers. To use these successfully you will definitely want to read my guide to mantras. If you are struggling with money at the moment, if for instance, you have to pay back a loan and need help with it, […]

7 Mantras For Protection From Enemies & Everything

Mantras For Protection

There are many powerful mantras for protection from enemies, to remove evil eye and black magic, and to stop health problems. In fact, there are even mantras to protect us from death. Most of these are Hindu, Kundalini yoga and tantra mantras. In my guide to Meditation Mantras For Beginners I’ve shared sacred sounds and […]

Mantra For Beauty [Surya, Sadhana] With Mudra

surya mantra for beauty

One of the best ways to get good hair, skin, and overall good looks is by using the Surya mantra for beauty. As you guys know from reading my guide to meditation mantras for beginners, mantras are sacred sounds with transformative powers. We can use mantras for beauty. One of the best ones for doing […]

The Best Mantra For Fame According To Ancient Scriptures

mantra for fame

Put your hands p who wants to become famous. There is a powerful mantra that grants fame. Mantras are sacred words or phrases that are recited in order to gain psychological, spiritual or other benefits. In this way, they are similar to affirmations or magic spells, with spiritual power. As I mentioned there is a […]

Vashikaran Mantra For Friendship Makes You Mega Popular

There’s a sacred ancient mantra called the Vashikaran Mantra. It is said to attract friends, and not just any old friends, but good friends. Thousands of readers have been loving our mantra meditation guide. In the tutorial we covered everything you need to know to start chanting and doing Japa successfully. Mantras are similar to spells. […]

Remove Negative Energy By Reciting This Mantra [TUTORIAL]

Lightning in the sky at night

When you need to remove negative energy, mantras are your answer. Whether it’s the Hindu prana or Taoist Chi, energy is the driving force of life. It is is our connection to the divine. It is our inner strength. To be motivated and to have a successful day. we need high levels of energy. But […]

Mantras For Pregnancy And A Healthy Baby

hindu child

There are many powerful mantras for pregnancy that you can use to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.    Science shows that chanting mantras can indeed help women to get pregnant. When we recite mantras we create very specific energy vibrations in the body that can lead to inner transformation. Scientific research shows that […]